New Funding for eCommerce and Online Business


Motion Finance is excited to announce the launch of our accessible, practical financing service designed for eCommerce and online businesses. We are passionate about helping businesses accelerate their growth! Here’s how we’re helping:

  • Funding for paid digital advertising (eg. Google/Facebook ads)
  • Quick online application (no paperwork!) for funding up to €15,000
  • Unbiased application assessment process: our proprietary algorithm assesses your business’ potential
  • Repayment through revenue-sharing: pay a fixed percentage of your weekly sales so if your business slows down, your repayments slow down
  • No compound interest, no deadlines!

Many online and eCommerce businesses have the potential to scale quickly, but with the delay between paying for ads (very short window), and receiving sales and conversion revenue (up to three months), they simply don’t have the resources available for online advertising.

Now is the best time for businesses to take advantage of the massive global shift to doing everything online—from education to collaboration to shopping.

This new model of funding is exactly what’s needed to propel businesses with such enormous potential into success in a global online marketplace.

“Affordable and convenient advertising funding gives online businesses a better chance to achieve higher sales and growth faster. It can really act as that extra boost and help them succeed.”

Augustas Štaras, Motion Finance founder

The algorithm for determining approvals is a breakthrough in providing equal and accessible financing for business owners. The only thing the algorithm looks for is business potential. Regardless of who you are, if your business has potential, Motion Finance is here to support you and accelerate your business to the next level—whatever you determine that next level to be!

About Motion Finance: Motion Finance provides financing for e-commerce and online businesses to fund their advertising and growth. Curious? Visit us at

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