Why you need to keep your home network secure with a home security station

In today’s evolving technological landscape, smart devices keep us connected and improve our daily lives while providing constant access to unprecedented levels of information at our fingertips. Despite these benefits there’s always the threat of someone hacking into your network or attempting to steal your information. Poor network security can transform your family’s smart device experience into a nightmare in no time at all.

Smart devices and technology are fully integrated into our lives these days. With the integration of the IoT into our daily routines, safety rapidly becomes a top priority for setting up a home network. Protecting your home and smart devices from hacks, malicious websites and dangerous files is easy with a home security station. There are many benefits of using one in your own home that are worth considering. Here are just a few of the many amazing things a home network security system can do:

Remote device management 

Controlling your devices remotely is a great way to keep an eye out for potential security issues. With this feature, a user can check for security issues in their software settings and a full assessment of vulnerabilities across your network, including alerts about weak passwords.

Weak passwords are certainly a contributor to some attacks on home networks. LastPass reported in 2019, that 80% of hacking-related breaches were related to insecure passwords. While that refers to wide scale breaches, the lesson that a strong password can help prevent security problems rings true. Some home network security systems help keep password problems away through alerts and reminders to strengthen your passwords. Some systems even support voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing easy device management on the go.

Device control

One of the greatest perks of the digital age is the ability to control your devices from a central hub. Expanded control of the devices on your network allows you to monitor device usage and set up accounts and/or rules for family members on the network.

Don’t recognize a device accessing your network or have a need to quickly disable an existing device? It’s easy to remotely disconnect any device from your network and keep your family’s data safe.

Enhanced privacy and data security

Contrary to some popular perceptions, cyber attacks and malicious websites can have an impact on any network, even a small one like you may have at home. Any time a device connects to the internet, there is an inherent risk of an attack or vulnerability exploitation

Aside from keeping all your devices regularly updated and removing superfluous software, you can use a home network security system to prevent dangerous files from automatically downloading, ward off phishing attempts and block malicious websites that could otherwise install malware on your device. The last thing anyone wants is a virus or some other piece of malware stealing their data and damaging their device.

Luckily, enhanced security protects you from hackers compromising your home network, effectively preventing them from hijacking your device and changing settings on your devices without your knowledge.

Content filtering and time limits

Helping your kids develop safe and healthy online habits is a vital part of raising a family in today’s high-tech world. A significant component of family safety (and sometimes productivity) is preventing negative or bad content and setting reasonable time limits for internet use. A good network security system offers these benefits and more, including app detection and content filtering.

App detection offers notifications when users access inappropriate applications and time limits help reduce the amount of time kids are spending on social networks and video services like YouTube. Some services have their own unique guardian software to help keep kids safe online.

They’re affordable and easy to install

As technology continues to advance, the need to protect your devices and network from potential theft becomes increasingly important. The benefits of using a home security station far outweigh any potential flaws and can be easily accomplished at a reasonable price from any reputable cyber security firm.

One firm, Trend Micro, makes a simple plug-and-play device that will help you create a secure network in your home today. Home network security has never been easier—or more vital—than it is today. We recommend checking out Trend Micro’s secure network system to help with your online security needs and give your family the peace of mind whenever they’re online.