Where Most Beautiful Girls in Europe Live?

It is pointless to deny that everything beautiful is inside a person: pure soul, light deeds, and good thoughts. But beautiful things should be obvious and visible, above all, to the eye. And with attractive ladies, it is the same. According to statistics, by international recognition single European girls are regarded as the most beautiful. Why is that and what European nationalities are the most beautiful?

Great Britain

British women are very different from each other, have different types of face and skin tone. The fact is that their appearance is mixed with several cultures. British women can rightfully be known as real ladies: they are educated, smart, and intelligent. Their impeccable manners and ability to communicate can leave no man stand aside not being charmed by their attractiveness


Tall blondes with precise figures and Nordic features – all this is about delightful girls from the Netherlands. Their model parameters drive many men crazy. Of course, from time to time it is possible to come across unusual, fashionable, bright, stylishly dressed Holandian women that catch men’s sight from the very start. Holland has its fashion bloggers, world-famous models, and fashion designers and it contributes to the country’s beauty embodied by its women. 


Italian women have a hot temperament, know a lot about fashion, style, and makeup. Hot and slim Italian women have a great sense of style and natural beauty, so they never look their age. The stunning Monica Belucci is a prime example of that kind of woman. Italians are gifted with natural beauty, so until old age look young and fresh. They’re fashionable, always all in conversation, and incomparable in their style. However, in reality, not all Italians can match this description. If residents of Milan, the capital of world fashion, try to be always on top, with other cities in Italy everything is much easier. For example, residents of Rome do not follow all the latest fashion trends and prefer to stick to the classic Roman style (comfortable clothes, simple and concise styles in golden-sand and ochre shades) or just black.


Feminity was always a bargaining chip of Russian women and Ukrainian brides. They always look feminine, sexy, and elegant wherever they are. Endowed by nature with special Slavic beauty, they still pay great attention to their appearance, standing out among the background of Western competitors groomed, with bright makeup and defiant clothes.


Swedish women are beautiful by nature. They don’t need makeup to stand out from the crowd. They can look naturally beautiful because they live in a country with good ecology, where free dental treatment is available, and where each child is paid for a large enough amount of material assistance. Most of these lovely ladies dress modestly.

Swedish women are confident, they achieve their goals, they are successful at work and they are loved by their families. They are humble, but at the same time they can stand up for themselves. Not only do they dress with dignity, but they also behave with dignity both at work and at home. However, Swedish women can stand out by dyeing their hair black. Since blondes prevail in this country. It may also be noted that Swedish girls have a good sense of humor. They are beautiful in every way. 

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