Casual Ways To Make Money From Your Sofa

Making money from your sofa is something people have dreamt of doing for years, but in the current year of 2020, your chances of doing so are better than ever. Of course, quick money that’s in your bank by the afternoon can often have another edge to it, but with the methods of sofa money making below, we’re going for a more casual approach! 

And when you’re thinking about making money casually, you’re in the perfect sofa lounging mindset, and you’re not likely to waste any time, money, or even just your own patience here. So without further ado, here are a couple of the best ways to come up with an extra bit of cash from your living room. 

Use Sites That Pay Out

There are a lot of websites out there that use a pay out system to get people interested. From online survey sites, to website testing, to even just playing certain games in your web browser, you could make small increments of cash over time that’ll only help to pad out your bank account. 

We all know about survey websites – places like Swagbucks that’ll let you spend points on gift cards and the like, but these aren’t your only options. You can use cashback apps installed in your browser, as well as those testing sites and money making games we mentioned above. You can find a whole list of such games right here

Matched Betting

You might not think of betting as a good way to make money, but when the earnings are tax free, and there are some very efficient methods you can learn to ensure your losses are minimal. This is done via a process known as matched betting. And while betting on the MLB season can be fun, it’s much more secure for your money to learn how to cut your losses with matched betting. 

By placing a bet on one outcome of an event, and then placing a bet on the opposite outcome, you can make at least $5 to $10 on just your first go! This works by making use of betting offers for new accounts to make money like this, where you’ll get something like a free $20 bet for simply loading your account with $10. Many of these offers exist, thanks to the competition in the betting sector, but always take your time with a method like this, and make sure you fully understand the process before you get stuck in. It’s still a casual way to make money, but it takes some proper patience, and a bit of experience, to make some real money here. 

Making money from your sofa can be done, as long as you know where to look, what you’re doing, and you’re not looking to live solely off of your money making efforts here. These are for lazy days, when you’re just watching TV and your laptop is nearby and you’ve got some free time!

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