MyPostShop Launches as Post Office Online Shop Closes

Following an announcement made at the start of August, the Post Office confirmed it had reached a decision to step back from direct ecommerce as an option to sell stamps and business supplies online, further commenting that it was no longer part of its focus within the Post Office brand.

The company have also stated they wish to focus on supporting the Post Office’s high street activities going forward.

The Post Office Shop was operational online since 2012 in a commercial partnership with VOW Retail (part of the EVO Group of Companies) and was shut earlier this month on the 1st of September 2020.

In order to support previous customers of the Post Office Shop, MyPostShop is serving as a central hub to fulfil customer requirements going forwards.

Existing users of the Post Office Shop website will be able to sign into their accounts on the MyPostShop website to access copy invoices, proof of deliveries, parcel tracking etc. in order to make the transition from the Post Office Shop to MyPostShop efficient.

Post Office Shop’s Product Ranges and Services
MyPostShop features the same product range as previously featured on the Post Office Shop including postage supplies, stamps, office supplies, office equipment and facilities supplies.

Catering supplies currently in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic such as milk, tea and coffee were also available from Post Office Shop and have also made the transition to MyPostShop.

Both previous customers of the Post Office Shop and new customers to MyPostShop will find MyPostShop contains access to the same brands and manufacturers that were present on Post Office Shop.

The Post Office Shop’s delivery scheme, Next Working Day and 3-5 Working Days, has been carried over to MyPostShop for both urgent and non-urgent order deliveries.

Supporting Post Office Shop Customers
Darren Mack, Group Ecommerce Director for EVO Group, commented on Post Office Shop’s closure and the launch of MyPostShop, saying:
“We have been in partnership with Post Office for a number of years and we will continue to support them and their customers going forwards.
We understand the decision they have taken and fully respect the desire of the Post Office to move away from this online aspect of their business.
The website had gained many thousands of users over the years and it is really important that we continue to support the needs of the customers with contact centre support or online self-serve where appropriate.
That is why we have launched this new site, to allow people to continue to get the support function they need.”

MyPostShop will continue to use the former Post Office Shop Contact Centre number – 0344 826 1399 for customers wishing to raise queries or requiring help over the phone.

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