World-first product will keep Warrington gym Covid-safe

A gym owner from Warrington has invented a new antimicrobial handgrip to help users stay Covid-safe when gyms are allowed to reopen next month.

Mike Wood, a qualified personal trainer, sports scientist and owner of Ultimate Fitness Cheshire in Arley, came up with the idea for Symagrips to help protect gym users from catching viruses like Covid while using the equipment.

The product is the first of its kind in the world and can be fitted to all types of gym equipment including barbells, cable attachments, rowers and exercise bikes.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Symagrips handgrips are the result of years of research and development.

They are integrated with SteriTouch, which infuses them with silver ion antimicrobial technology and eradicates bacteria, viruses and microbes that cause contamination and infection. 

 Several of the active substances used by SteriTouch have been successfully tested against other enveloped viruses such as influenza, Avian flu and SARS, and while it is yet to be tested against Covid-19, it’s reasonable to suggest that those same active substances would be similarly effective against the virus.

 The launch of Symagrips comes with users set to be allowed to return to gyms from April 12th.

 Founder Mike Wood said: “Gym users don’t want to be wiping down their equipment after they’ve used it, they want to be focused on training.  

“Symagrips provides the perfect solution as viruses and microbes are eradicated by the antimicrobial properties in the handgrips. Our members feel more at ease returning to the gym when restrictions lift due to the protection we have in place.” 

 Symagrips handgrips are available to buy individually at or, for bulk orders, calling Mike on 07540 779939. 

For more information contact: 

Mike Wood

Ultimate Fitness Cheshire

Tel: 07540 779939

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