4 Tips to Remember While Restoring Fibro Roof

Fibro roofs are considered dangerous as they are filled with asbestos fibres. There are many known risks of fibro roofs, especially related to the lungs. Many commercial projects completed before the 1990s are made of materials containing harmful asbestos fibres. Therefore, roofing professionals need to take extreme care while working on fibro roofs. Some states have laws for homeowners and roofing professionals that need to be followed.

Homeowners need to maintain their fibro roofs do not pose any risk to themselves and other people in their location. Also, the roofing professionals need to work as per the regulations for working on fibro roofs. Let us know some tips to consider while restoring a fibro roof in any location.

Always use a special coating.

Coatings are an effective solution for waterproofing roofs. All the asbestos fibres are enclosed with a primer. So, a topcoat can offer homeowner long lasting protection from fibres and make the roof weatherproof. Also, there are special coatings that can make your roof dirtproof and UV resistant. Using a coating specially made for fibro roofs can reduce the risk of release of fibres for homeowners and professionals working on a roofing project. Applying a protective coating also improves the aesthetics of your roof as well as your home.

Encapsulate with a liquid waterproof membrane.

If you don’t want to remove the hazardous material while repairing the roof, you can use a liquid waterproofing membrane to enclose the fibro roofing panels. So, wherever it is not possible to remove the harmful fibres, roofing professionals can use the liquid waterproofing membrane for enclosing roof panels. In the case of commercial properties, using a waterproof membrane makes it safe for people working in the building. Hire a roofing company that can carry out the process without disrupting the day-to-day business operations.

Seal the damage or cracks.

Fibro roof sheets deteriorate with time and lead to water damage and leakage. It starts developing cracks due to water damage. Homeowners never want to see rain water destroying their belongings. Most sealants are not so durable to use in roof repairs, as the building and roof move slightly with the changes in temperature. Therefore, it is essential to use durable, UV stable and long-lasting solutions for repairing a fibro roof.

It is expensive and unsafe to remove and dispose of asbestos from a roof. There is a high risk of potential inhalation, and the process needs to be performed by trained professionals.

Use Crack Repair Tape

Using crack repair tape is a quick way to fix cracks and leaks in fibro roofs. However, there are many varieties of crack repair tapes available. Some are UV resistant, while others are not and can crack in the UV light and cold. Rubber based tapes are not affected by UV rays and maintain their flexibility in every environment.

Rubber based tapes are useful where the repairing material requires the same degree of movement as that of the roof. Crack repairs tapes are a part of the quick roof repair kits available with roofing professionals.

The fibres from Asbestos roofs can enter into the air quickly, and they are not seen when inhaled by humans. Therefore, considering the high risk of inhalation that leads to respiratory illnesses, it is essential to wear protective clothing and masks while working.

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Final Words

These were some tips to consider while restoring a fibro roof. Asbestos was banned in many countries in the 90’s, and they don’t use it in the construction of roofs. However, the material is still used in many other countries, where it requires special skills and training to work on installation and repairs. Considering these tips can help professionals to work safely on fibro roofs, whether it is small repairs or complete restoration.