No More Lip Synching To Spotify! Write Your Own Hit with The Song In My Head Songwriting Cards

No More Lip Synching To Spotify! Write Your Own Hit with The Song In My Head Songwriting Cards

Songwriting is often a solo process, but it doesn’t have to be isolating. The Song In My Head: Songwriter Cards, is a deck of 110 creative prompts to jumpstart creative juices, trigger ideas outside the box, explain composition techniques, tackle the dreaded writer’s block and all-in-all help singer-songwriters craft powerful, unforgettable songs. Designed for bedroom musicians, these mini mentors make a unique gift for a family member or friend who is looking to connect with their inner legendary songwriter or lyricist… and who knows maybe they’ll be the next TikTok sensation! After all, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé had to start somewhere.

The blank page is often more daunting than encouraging, so instead of singing into a hairbrush, these cards will help wannabe artists brainstorm and get their songs out of their heads and actually onto the page. With millions of combinations available, they can explore pairings and experiment with technical elements like structure, melody and chords. How do you make a Hip Hop song work in E Minor for example and how would a heavy metal song about the word ‘cherish’ sound?

“Genius” – Gareth Malone

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Lightweight but robust, the deck is housed in a rigid, protective box that fits easily into instrument cases or bags for writing on the fly whenever inspiration strikes, be it solo, working with an indie band, at jam sessions, or at open mic nights.

* WHAT’S INSIDE Each box comes with a deck of 110 cards of 10 families: Style (genre), Structure, Harmony, Melody, Modes, Blues, Keyword (lyric writing prompts), Idea (inspirational ideas), Wisdom (songwriting acumen) and Gift Card (Surprise!)

Made by Professionals

Composer-producers and soundscape artists Kathy Brown and Jean Michel ‘Kiki’ Aublette are also multi-instrumentalists, hence knowing what chords work! These cards encourage authentic experimentation and offer expert suggestions and advice from experience. They believe that writing and composing songs or learning music theory doesn’t have to be difficult; at the core, making music should be fun and fascinating. Their wish is that The Song In My Head Songwriter Cards will help grassroots artists hone their ideas and create from a place of pure possibility and joy.

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