Best Firewalls For Small Businesses In 2020

Enough stress and emphasis cannot be laid on the significance of cybersecurity. Data and business security should be a preference especially for small businesses. Small businesses often find themselves dealing with sensitive data and information whose protection is critical to ensure.

Due to the small scale of these businesses, hackers and unauthorized personals often try to attack these small scale businesses. Therefore, such business owners have to be careful and take measures to ensure their data is safeguarded and protected. According to IT Support In Los Angeles a firewall is the best way through which small businesses can secure their data and other sensitive information.

There are a number of different firewalls that are available in this regard. If you are a small scale business who are looking to deploy a good firewall, here are our top picks that are highly recommended:

1. Sophos XG Firewall:

If you are a small scale business set up, Sophos XG firewall will be a great choice for you. The company has been in the market since 1985 therefore they have ample experience and thousands of satisfied customers under their belt. It offers a fool proof security mechanism that stays strong and blocks around 93% attack attempts.

The firewall also comes with an intelligent Sophos Central Endpoint and Root Cause Analytics that provide a detailed report of malware attacks so you can get an insight about the data and attack attempts. Since the system is based on Machine Learning algorithms therefore the analytics are reliable and help the firewall adjust the security levels and protocols according to the trend of the attacks.

2. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter:

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is not a firewall itself but it does come with a built in firewall that can prove beneficial for small scale businesses. The built in firewall serves as a filter and it blocks all the unwanted web traffic from entering the company’s network. This keeps the business and related data free from any sort of outside and unauthorized access.

The routers provide users with a diverse set of options to customize the firewall as needed. Which connections should be allowed through, which ones to block, the small businesses have complete control over the firewall. The router is also accompanied by a small guide to help the users configure the settings and set the firewall as needed. It is also one of the most affordable firewall router options available in the market.

3. Cisco Meraki MX:

Cisco is one of the most popular brands that comes to mind whenever discussing computer networks. Although the scope of their services is quite broad and catered to enterprises, still, the small scope businesses can also make use of their firewalls. Cisco routers come with a wide range of models. You can pick a small scale router that will cater to fifty connections or even opt for one which is built for more connections and can cater to ten thousand connections at the same time.

Cisco Meraki MX is not only a firewall provider, but they also deal with other security services. From cloud management, filtering of content, malware protection and automated VPN protection, a range of cybersecurity services are available through Cisco Meraki MX. Therefore once this firewall has been deployed, you can be sure that all your outbound connections are now secure and protected.

4. OPNSense:

If you are using an affordable and economical firewall solution, OPNSense is your best bet. The OPNSense users have to provide their own hardware but you get access to all the features and functions that are promised by higher end firewall service providers. But since it is an open source firewall service, any small scale business can easily deploy it and use the firewall as needed.

It is one of the top rated and highly recommended IT Services Los Angeles. The security protocols are updated every week and major updates are planned on a bi-yearly basis. The documentation of the firewall service is also very extensive so the users can easily read through it and learn how to use the firewall properly and to your business’s advantage.

5. SonicWall:

Many small scale businesses are data dependent. Therefore, they need a firewall service that can help them secure their data even if it is dependent. It is a versatile and agile firewall service that is fit for small scale businesses and can fulfill their needs in a comprehensive manner.

Although the scale of the SonicWall services is small, they are still fit for larger data requirements. The algorithm of the firewall is based on machine learning so it learns the trend based on the specific business requirements and the settings are adjusted accordingly. This is certainly a great standard of security that gives small businesses peace of mind that their data and other sensitive resources are safe and secure.