5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue For Family Events

One of the toughest decisions is finding the right venue. The success of any event depends on the choice of venue.

Here are 5 things to consider while choosing the venue to host any family event:

1.   Services and Amenities

It is a special occasion for you and your family. So, look for the following amenities and services in the venue:

  1. Catering: Food menu is an integral part of your family event. Ask your venue provider: Whether they serve veg or non-veg? Do they allow custom menus, or offer a pre-set menu? Do they have bar service ?
  2. Entertainment: Look for different sources of entertainment such as live bands that the venue offers.
  3. Parking space: Choose the venue that has enough parking lot or valet parking depending on the expected gathering.
  4. Swimming pool: If you’re planning an outdoor affair, ensure the venue has a clean and beautiful swimming pool.

Pro tip: Speak with your venue providers before a couple of days of the event to uncover the pool covers or pool enclosures and do a mandatory pool cleaning or maintenance check.

  1. WiFi facility and concierge service such as luggage assistance, booking spa and other support, especially if you’re new in the city, state or the country.

2.   Location

An inaccessible location can spoil an event well before a celebration even begins.

While choosing a location, some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • If your guests live in town, choose a location at a reasonable distance from their home.
  • Are your guests flying in? Choose a venue that is proximate to the airport or hotel.
  • Opt for a location that has beautiful surroundings.
  • Last but not the least, budget-friendly.

3.   Capacity

It’s important to have a rough headcount for the event before finalizing the resort.

You don’t want to pack too many guests in a small space. Right?

Choose the venue that has enough seating and dining capacity while still having enough room for the comfortable movement of your guests.

If the event is to run for more than a day, you may have to book extra rooms for the guests. So, do not forget to meticulously plan the event!

4.   Budget

Does the venue fit in your budget? If not, look for a venue that allows cost-effective services for the decoration, food, and entertainment.

Keep a close eye on your budget, and be mindful of what costs might be added or subtracted with particular venues.

For instance, one venue might offer free parking services while others may charge you extra. There shouldn’t be some unpleasant entries in the final bill, right?

5.   Ambiance

While this factor may seem to be of the least importance. However, it holds a lot of value for the hosts as well as the guests.

Take a tour of all shortlisted venues and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this venue appropriate for the event you are hosting?
  2. Are you happy with the interior and existing decor?
  3. Does the venue have that good vibe from the moment you enter in?
  4. How’s the hospitality?


Finding the right venue for a family event like a pre-wedding function, anniversary or even birthday is not exactly a walk in the garden.

However, if you consider the above, you can make your venue search easier and can help your guests have an even more pleasant experience at the event.

Ensure that your final choice delights one and all and gives you countless memories to cherish.

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