Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Chamonix, France


Famed as a trail running epicenter, Chamonix plays host to the so-called Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a popular yearly trail running event held every August. This is perhaps one of the hardest competitions of its type as the runners have to test themselves over a whopping 171 kilometer distance. With an event of this magnitude, it is obvious that Chamonix should have a well-deserved spot on the world map, and thousands of trail runners and fans visit this mountainous French town each year. 

Alongside the trail running culture is the café culture, which seems to be evident in every adventure or sporting event here. Just in case you find yourself in Chamonix, whether you’re attending the Ultra Trail, skiing, hiking or you are on another adventure and want to indulge in the local coffee or cafe culture, here are some top cafes and coffee shops you may want to pop in.

So let’s take a look at the best coffee shops and cafes in Chamonix, France.

Moody Coffee Roasters

Moody Coffee Roasters is perhaps what defines the cafe culture in Chamonix, France. Launched in 2017, this coffee shop has a lot to offer in terms of specialty coffees, which can be bought online or taken right from their brick-and-mortar establishment. It is a perfect destination for coffee nerds who are out for fresh beans from the world’s top exporters, including Ethiopia, Peru, Kenya, Brazil, and Columbia. Want to escort your coffee with a slice of cake or something? Grab any of the in-house perfectly baked cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies, or brownies available at pocket-friendly prices. Indeed, that Moody is a true definition of Chamonix’s cafe culture is an understatement, if the doings of this cafe is anything to go by. You could locate the establishment at 195 Avenue de l’Aiguille du Midi.

Galerie Cafe des Aiguilles

Once you have tested your strength at the Ultra Trail (or should we say watched the runners lock horns at this fierce sporting event), a cup of coffee and some sweet pastry may be all you need for your body to recover. If that is the case, then Galerie Cafe is an excellent destination for you. And this cafe is not just about coffee and pastries; there are healthy meals that you can take advantage of besides enjoying your drink. The cafe is strategically set somewhere in Rue Moulin, a quite environment that sets you right in the mood for a sip and bite. And there are also gourmet-level lunches.

One thing worth saying is that Galerie Cafe is owned by Emilie, a Canadian business personality, who is also a Run the Alps friend. Having mastered both English and French, Emilie’s art of communication makes visitors here feel at home. If you are into jewelry and art, chances are that you will walk away with some handmade precious pieces (from Michelle Webster). Now that is a great way to cap your coffee adventure.

Café Bluebird

Looking to take a break from a hipster stuff while in Chamonix? If that is the case, then Café Bluebird has you covered. On top of the ordinary coffee classics offered here, there are diverse food palates to fix any breakfast craving before taking to the mountains, whether you want to indulge in hiking or skiing. A good example is a full English breakfast, which is as popular among the locals as it is among expats. The measures are generous, and you won’t mourn over any of your dollars spent here. You can pop in at any time, from 8:00 am to 14:00, irrespective of the day of the week.

It is needless to mention that you can also order your coffee or food online, at the comfort of your home or office. You will also appreciate the fact that the prices here are fair and affordable. Only a couple of dollars could be enough to enjoy a full breakfast at Café Bluebird.

Chalet 4810

This is a sister café to Aux Petits, another top café in Chamonix, which has not been discussed in this article due to lack of space, but it is worth mentioning. Now back to the gist (Chalet 4810), this café lives up to the expectations of both visitors and locals. It is located in the North of Rue Joseph Vallot, in one of the most beautiful wooden chalets in Chamonix. Besides coffee, the café is known for pastries, while the inside has been decorated, with crystals appearing all over the space (those who have been there joke that seeing the crystals substitutes for viewing Mont Blanc). Whether this is true or not, well that is a story for another day, but what is clear thus far is that Chalet 4810 is one of the top players in the game here.,51-415653,en.html

Hungry Yogi Café

Looking for one of the latest cafes around Chamonix? Hungry Yogi Café is yet another great choice worth mentioning among top such establishments in town. And while no one knows why the café’s name features the ‘Hungry’ connotation, you could easily guess based on what it offers. The café caters for all vegans, and it is known to serve high-quality coffee. It is set in the Sanskriti Yoga Center, one of the coolest places that should never miss on your itinerary once you make it a point to visit Chamonix.

Forget about the coffee and bites; the scenery around Hungry Yogi is one thing that will wow you. You can grab a seat in the café’s serene outside terraces, which is a perfect setting for photo taking, even as you enjoy your coffee. The inside is not any inferior either, given that the café owners seem to place a lot of value on aesthetics. Yes, Hungry Yogi is a new kid on the bloc, but no one can doubt its quality.

Côté Macarons

While most cafes discussed above serve macarons, there is only one name which is known to be the specialist in the same. That name is Côté Macarons. As well, pastries are common here, and you can also enjoy a delicious lunch by grabbing some savories. The windows of the café are colorful, while its interior is a delicate mix of antique and modern chic. With only two people allowed on each table, the café is an excellent place to be with your love. In an era such as the Corona era, where social distancing is the norm, Côté Macarons perfectly fits the bill.

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