A Practical Guide to Lift Heavy Objects While Moving

We often find ourselves in situations when we are to lift objects heavier than what our body could actually endure. One such scenario is when relocating your home.

This often leads to a variety of injuries, right from a muscle pull to unbearable back pain and pain in joints and more. Visit the https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/cheap-movers-adelaide/ to have specialised furniture movers by your side.

Read this article to avoid any injury while lifting heavy stuff.

How To Lift Objects All By Yourself

1.    Examine the Object You Wish to Move

Size isn’t everything; take a glance at the item to be lifted, analyse whether it is too heavy for your body to sustain, and look for the comfortable spot to pick up.

It will considerably reduce the odds of getting hurt if the object is picked in a way that your body doesn’t get a shock. Also, people who have a history of injuries should avoid such tasks.

Ask for help if you feel the need.

2.   Warm Up is Important

It is never a good idea to hit the ground running without a warm-up.

Never try to lift any heavy object when your muscle is cold.

A couple of minutes of warm-up tend to increase the temperature of the body, and blood flow to the muscles increases.

Above all, it mentally prepares you for the demanding task ahead.

3.    See the Surrounding and Decide the Right Route

First of all, clear all the obstacles in your path; this will prevent you from tripping. Be mindful of the uneven flooring and stairs. Ask family or friends for help and if there is a hand trolley or any other lifting equipment for moving heavy furniture.

4.    Get into Proper Position

The key to avoid getting hurt or injured while lifting a heavy object is by putting your body at the right angle.

Ensure that your back is straight, carefully bend your knees, and look straight.  Hold the furniture tightly while lifting.

5.    Lift & Carry

The furniture item being lifted must be close to your body. Use your legs to stand up while lifting the load off the ground.

Never twist your body while lifting & carrying the heavy item.

Lead your hips as you slightly change the direction. Your shoulder has to be in line with your hips.

6.    Unload

As you reach the destination, slowly place the item down.

One thing you’ve to be careful of is that you must not use your back, instead knee muscles to lift and place the weight down.

Your back has to be fully straight, and the object must be close to the body as you settle the object down.

7.    Proper Clothing Matters

If you are moving your house during the winter, then wear one or two extra layers. It helps you to avoid body strains, because cold temperatures often lead to fatigue & dehydration.

Similarity, wear light clothing during the hot and humid summer months to avoid dehydration & fatigue. Take breaks, and drink fluids as it gets hot.

Let’s Wind Up

If you follow the entire procedure, you’ll deter any odds of getting injured while moving heavy furniture.

Or, you can drop the burden off your shoulder by hiring a professional moving company.

Their team of specialists will arrive at your place, pack all the necessary stuff. They will load and unload the truck, ensuring complete peace of mind.