These are the 5 most attractive places to buy luxury homes in India

These are the 5 most attractive places to buy luxury homes in India

Craving for a luxurious life remains a fantasy for many. While it may sound far-fetched, it might be easier to attain. What’s your definition of luxury? A spacious home? A fleet of expensive cars waiting at your door? Or is it the balance between an amazing lifestyle, location, and a dream home?

To help you find your destination, we put together the 5 most attractive places to buy luxury homes in India. You can decide for yourself which one is most attractive.

  • Bangalore: 

No one would blame you if IT parks came to your mind when we mention Bangalore. Besides being a tech city, Bangalore has the potential to turn out to be your ideal luxurious location. Close vicinity to the technology industry, airports, and nature is what makes this an ideal place to buy a luxury home. 

Several mind-boggling localities & projects can agitate your cravings more. Prominent developers such as Hiranandani and Sobha group offer amazing luxury villas for sale in Devanahalli Bangalore. You could even purchase residential land to build your own mansion someday. Devanahalli is quickly becoming the preferred investment destination as a fast-growing locality with ample space which other busy localities such as Whitefield may not offer.

Within a few kilometers from Devanahalli comes the Nandi hills. Nandi hill is an amazing location to spend your time after a tiring weekend. The fresh air and the mesmerizing landscapes will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Besides, it is one of the most recommended places for adventure and romance. 

Another location to consider is the Ulsoor Lake. Circumference of the area is covered with serene green views. Moreover, the spectacular sunset with green tranquil will leave you mesmerizing and speechless. You’ll get unmatched connectivity and convenience from the city center. The place is an amalgamation of nature and civilization. There are small islands within the lake that makes it look even more glorious.

If living in the city is your thing, Whitefield is a great option to experience luxury in Bangalore. You may not find abundant options for buying a villa, however luxury apartments in Whitefield Bangalore is the way to go. 

  • Goa 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about “Goa?” Well, the beaches and the sea. This is where luxury takes on a different dimension. The place allows you to contemplate the magnificent sky and sea meet. Witness the timeless experience and enjoy what nature has to offer. Umiya Sundance is a renowned luxury project in this location. You can be a permanent resident of this glorious place by paying a sum of Rs 1.12 crores. There are cafés within the location where you can take sips of coffee or bourbon.

The northern region of Goa is a good location to start your search. Comfort and convenience are two aspects that make this location so lucrative. Within a few miles, you will get easy transportation to the capital of the state Panaji. There you can find numerous famous beaches like Candolim, Baga, and Sinquerim. Who wouldn’t want a dream home next to an amazing beach?

If you are looking to buy a home, Real estate investment in India can become one of your most fruitful investments, and Goa truly has the potential to serve you well with a great mix of commercial avenues and oceanic beauty.

  • Mumbai 

Not just Bollywood, but Mumbai is also famous for its exquisite locations for homes. Bandra, the home to many prominent Bollywood superstars is the ideal place for luxury. One of the most recognized sites of this region is BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex). Real estate developers have always been attracted to this place because of the revenue output. It is a financial, industrial, and a cinematic center since the 1960s. You’ll get easy transportation to the airport for hassle-free arrival and departure. The developers of the complex were obsessed with communication. Thus, the property is well placed with a good connection to the rest of the city. Going through the customer reviews, we didn’t find any negative feedback. Hence, this site deserves to be on the list.

  • Pune 

Another potential City for luxury seekers in Maharashtra is Pune. Decades ago, this historic city was well known for its forts, a destination for retirees, and a temple of knowledge with a long list of reputed colleges. With time, this city has progressed to be one of the top IT destinations in the world.

While easily available space isn’t a luxury in this city, Pune does offer you the widest choice to buy properties for a luxurious home. If you like city life, prominent real estate developers such as Vilas Javadekar and Kolte Patil Group offer luxury apartments in prime locations such as Baner, making your pockets lighter by a few crore rupees.

If you are instead looking for exotic places to buy, or build a luxurious home – try areas near the Devkund Waterfall. The site isn’t located exactly in Pune, but you’ll have to travel a hundred kilometers from Pune. Transportation is strong, and easily accessible by 24×7. However, if you like to travel and witness the legend that history hold, Pune gets you served. The Aga Khan Palace situated at Samrat Ashok Road is a great place. To share the glory, it would be best if you choose a spot on Nagar Road. 

You may also want to consider buying an opulent villa in Lonavala. Away from the city, tranquil nature, cooler weather, and a vacation destination. What else can one want from a luxury home destination?

  • Hyderabad 

Within a thousand kilometers from Pune, comes Hyderabad. Wait, don’t take the site literally to be full of hassle. Transportation is great due to the vast network of roads. Till now, the location is halfway occupied. However, Hyderabad opened its doors for clients from all over the world. 

The connectivity and convenience of Hyderabad need no description. Hyderabad is a technical hub for many multinational IT companies. The place is a combination of natural and city vibes. 

If your definition of luxury is having the incredible Hyderabadi dum biryani on your lunch plate every day, then definitely look no further.

There are several spectacular projects developed by top developers in Hyderabad, for instance, Ramky Discovery City. There are many other locations that can offer you space and amenities, and become your next home – Maheswaram in Southern Hyderabad provides an excellent option. Compared to Pune and Bangalore, this city can offer many more choices for luxury villas and row houses.


So, which one did you think was the most attractive place to buy a luxury home? Each of these locations has something unique to offer. If you choose to make one of these your home, you surely won’t be disappointed.