Who is an RCIC in Canada, and Why Should You Use One?

A lot of people have a dream to move to Canada, as well as getting permanent residency in the country. However, application for Canadian immigration can be puzzling due to the many different laws, policies, and visa systems in place. Thankfully, Canada has several immigration services, and there are immigration consultants available to assist you.

This brings us to what Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are and what they do.

If you are unfamiliar with RCICs, they are the officially recognized agents of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), who can assist you in your application for immigration to Canada. They are trained, competent, and well-acquainted with Canadian immigration policies.

One fact that cannot be overlooked is that Canadian immigration consultants are not the same as immigration lawyers. Rather, the former are competent consultants with a profound knowledge of how the Canadian visa system works. An RCIC Canada can assist you in the following ways:

  • Setting up a direct meeting with Canadian Immigration authorities and your potential employer in Canada without you being present
  • Helping you fill and submit all required documentation on time and correctly
  • Based on experience, an RCIC can use a peculiar immigration strategy to strengthen your application
  • Opening your eyes to loads of other immigration pathways and options you most likely may not know about
  • Updating you from time on the latest RCIC requirements and immigration policies
  • Since they work with a strict code of conduct, RCICs provide professional services you can rely on

Having said that, below are reasons why you need to hire an RCIC Canada consultant to facilitate your immigration to Canada:

  1. License to operate and work

It’s pretty risky to deal with just anyone to help with your travel to Canada, as you can easily fall prey to certain people who may exploit you.

When you work with a registered Canadian immigration consultant, you are working with someone who has a license to operate and function. This gives a high level of assurance that a high standard of professionalism and ethics would be adhered to throughout your application process. This is important because some consultants try to cut corners, and behaviours like that end up hurting your application.

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of how the Canadian visa system works

The entire Canadian visa system can be a bit confusing, especially with regard to receiving approval. With a registered consultant, however, you have nothing to worry about as you’d be dealing with someone who has been through the system several times and knows how things work. Hence, you don’t have to bother about learning the new policy changes personally.

As a result, you’d be saving money, time, and effort wjile adequately complying with the requirements.

  1. Working with the Canadian Immigration Authorities and your employer

One other great reason to use Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants is that they have links within the Canadian Immigration Authorities. Also, they can discuss with your employer in Canada on your behalf.

Have you ever tried to contact a government department? If yes, then you know how challenging and time-consuming it can be. Hence, having an RCIC with connections within these circles is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Securing all paperwork and requirements

Canada immigration requires a lot of documentation to comply with and submit. To be precise, you’d have to commit hours to fill forms, compiling documents along with other paperwork. All of these have to be done timely and correctly. These become your RCIC’s headache and not yours.

  1. An immigration strategy tailored to your needs

One other benefit of using an RCIC is that they offer unique plans that are tailored to each client’s immigration situation. Therefore, they understand what your goals are and will work with you to find a unique solution to getting approved without getting bogged down by Canada’s complicated visa process. A consultant will guide you all through the process while meeting your timeline requirements and expectations.


You can simplify the entire process of applying for a Canadian visa by having an RCIC assist you. As you can see from the benefits above, there’s no doubt that seeking immigration counsel and assistance from an RCIC would be a wise move.

However, choosing an RCIC can be hard as you spent a lot of money on Canadian immigration products and want to avoid fraud or scams. There are certain RCIC review sites where you should check and read a review about the consultant you wish to hire.

Therefore, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, look for a properly registered RCIC to work with to make the whole process hitch-free.

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