White Cup Launches Business Intelligence for Office Technology Dealerships

BOISE, ID October 2020 – White Cup, formerly known as Compass Sales Solutions | MITS | Tour de Force, today announced the launch of a Business Intelligence component within its technology platform for Office Technology dealers, Hookshot. Hookshot (formerly known as Compass Sherpa) now includes pre-built dashboards and reports customized to the print and office technology industry to help businesses identify sales opportunities and find ways to improve their customer relationships.

“Although analytics software has significantly advanced in the last two decades, the ability for many print and office technology dealerships to integrate the technology into their business has not,” said Douglas Braun, CEO of White Cup. “We have put all of the best practices learned over the past two decades with our combined platforms into the Business Intelligence and Sales Enablement platform so any office technology dealership—small or large—can learn to use their business data to make better decisions at every level of their operation.”

The product release includes powerful data integration with many ERP systems, including eAutomate, to maximize the ability of out-of-the-box or custom reporting and dashboards to deliver actionable, real-time data to all teams in an organization.

“Ease of use and accessibility alone drive adoption of a solution as powerful as this,” said Gary Owen, Chief Product Strategist. “But what really sets Hookshot apart is the value that you receive when your ERP data feeds directly into your Business Intelligence and CRM technology. You can take actionable steps and make profitable decisions beginning on day one.”

The Hookshot platform (formerly known as Compass Sherpa) will empower print and office technology dealers to solve challenges, seize hidden opportunities and make decisions that move the needle more efficiently.

To learn more about White Cup and the Hookshot solution for office technology and managed print services, visit their website at whitecupsolutions.com.

About White Cup, formerly known as Compass Sales Solutions | MITS | Tour de Force

Built by those who understand the industry, White Cup’s combined BI and CRM software helps office technology dealers uncover hidden opportunities – such as turning frequent service calls into new copier sales, tracking competitive lease expirations to gain new customers, converting customer print overages into new equipment deals and much more. Integrated with your ERP, the Hookshot platform gives your team the data to make the right decisions quickly and keep your customers happy.

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