MEC Security Ltd now holds SIA Approved Contractor Status

Security is a major concern among many businesses and property owners. No one wants to lose properties due to theft, vandalism, assault, or unexpected damages. Security services are becoming a reality among many property owners.

Investing in the best and strategic security services is the way to go these days. These are kinds of services that will provide day-to-day management and monitoring of your property. Regardless of the size and type of your business, hire the services of the best security company near you.

By hiring the best security company, you have extra ears and eyes on your business, residential, and commercial premises. Significantly, this is a great way also to lower insurance premiums and let your staff or customers rest assured of their safety. Luck is on your side if looking for security services in Essex. MEC Security is your go-to security services provider.

Over the years, we have been offering customized and top-notch security solutions to business and property owners in the Essex and surrounding areas. We promise the best services, and every task we undertake is pursued with the utmost confidence and professionalism. In essence, we strive for quality and perfection in everything we do.

Top-Notch and Excellent Security Solutions in Essex

As the best security company in Essex, we are always there for our customers. We know the struggles our customers go through to keep their properties and businesses secure. The unexpected happens, but it’s always recommended and wise to be prepared.

Don’t have any misgivings about hiring MEC Security. We have incomparable security solutions in place for you. Have a look:

Manned Guarding

We offer professional and excellent manned guarding services. For sEssex residents new to our services, we have a team of highly trained and experienced security officers guarding your premises. These are a trustworthy person who will:

  • Guard your premises against illegal access and vandalism.
  • Protect the property against theft and destruction.
  • Guard individuals against assault as a result of the unlawful conduct of others.

Our manned guarding officers can also do reception duties, bag searches, gate control, alarm system monitoring, and first aid in the event of an accident.

Security Patrols/ Guards

Working with our security patrols is the best decision any property owner in Essex should make. Our guards have the mandate and the skillsets to protect customers’ assets and those within their premises.

We have a team of security guards trained to set standards, and we offer services that are conducted to great effect. Our security patrols are trained to enforce high-quality and professional preventative measures. They will maintain a high-visibility presence to keep your property away from illegal actions through patrols, by monitoring alarm systems, or surveillance.

Close Protection Security

We have a team of professionals ready and trained to handle one-off deployment for different personnel or their property. They have gone through evaluation and refresher training programs and are well-acquainted with the latest security or crime trends. Other services our close protection security experts offer include:

  • Venue security
  • Route selection
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Counter-surveillance and
  • First Aid

Mobile Patrol Dog Teams

We treasure our security dog teams as they have played great roles in making us the best security company in Essex. Our team has been offering impeccable services in large venues and open spaces that need to be patrolled. They do a lot besides patrolling venues. We will apprehend trespassers, detect threats, and defend our customers.

Hire the Best Security Company Today

Don’t have any reservations about hiring MEC Security Ltd as your best service provider in Essex. We hold SIA approved contractor status for providing top quality security services. We guarantee a 24/7 mobile response, and you should not have any reservations contacting us.

We are eager to serve you, and we provide you a sense of security. Our customer care customer services in impeccable, and we will deal with any security issues you experience efficiently and at budget-friendly rates.

Get in touch today if you want a huge crowd managed, your premises manned, and you will never regret seeking our security services. We are all you need to stay safe and secure as well as protect your property.


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