Moving @ 18: All that You Need to Know

Young people mostly move out after graduating from high school. Even parents want them to take responsibility and become independent. A smooth move depends upon many factors including the reason for moving and the organization skills. There can be many reasons behind your move that may include wishing to be independent, living with a partner, conflict with parents, wishing to live close to your work place or parents have asked you to leave to bear your responsibilities.

Whatever the reason may be but facing the adult world and live on your own is not easy so it’s obvious to feel a little unsure about your decision of leaving home and moving out. Besides, you have a lot of chores to handle – from hiring a moving company to calculating the moving estimate using moving cost calculator. All these things can make the relocation process scarier that it already is. But if you plan your move properly and well in advance then it can be a smooth move.

You can follow the guidelines given below to have a smooth move. This guide will make your move easy even at 18:

Consider Some Important Issues before Moving Out

Though the feeling of freedom from parental pressure and rule is very fascinating, this period is also a transition period from childhood to adulthood. Responsibility comes free with freedom. Make sure you consider all the important issues before you make up your mind about moving out and stay on your own.

Discuss with Family

Talk to your parents about your move well in advance even if moving out is your own decision. You can even talk to your friends and close relatives to have their opinion about your move. You can talk to your parents about your reasons for moving out and how this decision of yours will bring peace and clarify your plans. This will help you in keeping peace with your parents and getting their valuable advice. Their support and advice will not only boost your confidence but will also give you the strength to fight the upcoming challenges.

Make a Plan

Don’t plan your move in haste and think well before you move out. Make a budget that should be realistic and must include every expense. Don’t forget to include security deposit, monthly rent, moving cost, the fee for utility connections, and various insurances, etc.

Along with the regular work you can consider opting for some extra jobs too to save some money. This money you can use for all your hobbies but make sure you take up jobs of your choice to keep going for longer. Try and save as much as you can before you plan a move.

Plan a Budget

Plan a proper budget before you move out. Save rent for at least six months as this will prevent you from any financial trouble in case you lose your job in the future. Also, keep in mind the security deposit that you will have to pay with your very first rent. Don’t forget to add the cost of the application fee and any other legal formalities. Consider the cost of living in the area where you are planning to move.

Don’t just make a budget blindly, be realistic. Make sure you don’t underestimate the expenses. Make sure you know all the expenses that you will have to bear every month and stick to it. Don’t just overspend. Count all the expenses and categorize them. You can even download a money tracking app to keep your monthly expenses in order and to avoid overspending.

Build a Good Credit

As you are an adult now, you can easily get a credit card but don’t fall for it blindly as you will be in a mess if you hold a poor credit status. So use a credit card very wisely. The best way to use a credit card to build a good credit score is to use the credit card for some fixed expenses. You can consider using it to pay the monthly instalment of your insurance policy. It will be a consistent amount that will make your credit score very good. Consider keeping a limit on your card to avoid over-spending.

Find the Right Apartment

Once you know that you have a good financial budget, go out and explore. Find the right kind of apartment for you. Having your parents’ back will always give you strength. Don’t go beyond your budget but look for all the essential amenities.

Moving Day 

So finally when it is moving day, take the help of your family and friends if you are planning a DIY move. You can even hire pick-up and drop-off facilities. Search online for affordable options. 


Once you are done with your moving, now the next step is apartment essentials. There is a list of some very important things that you will need on immediate basis. Look online for affordable furniture options to save money. The list of essentials may include a bed frame, mattress, side table, coffee table, fans, bed sheets, comforters, lamp, and pillows. There are many more things that you will need for the kitchen and bathroom.

Prepare a grocery list and try to buy it before you move in so that you can arrange everything in place while organizing the house.

So, as you are an adult now who is self-depended, take life one day at a time. Visit your parents more often to have that extra dose of love and affection. You will be able to overcome the homesickness after relocation as soon as you are able to get accustomed to the new environment

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