Magillem to Demonstrate Solutions For IP Reuse, SoC Development and Design Automation at SAFE 2020

At the SAFE forum, Magillem will demonstrate its solutions in the areas of IP reuse, hardware-Software interface (HSI), SoC Integration and design content generation. It will showcase an automated design flow using the IEEE 1685 standard (IP-XACT), wherein hardware, software, verification and other design teams can collaborate effectively to accelerate SoC development while mitigating design risks.

“Samsung is continuously adopting innovative solutions which empower design teams to successfully achieve higher productivity while meeting their design timelines” said Sangyun Kim, vice president of Foundry Design Technology Team at Samsung Electronics. “The adoption of Magillem solutions based on the IP-XACT standard enables our design teams to be more flexible in adapting to constantly changing customer requests and design changes. By establishing a robust automated design flow for front end design and documentation, Magillem solutions enable concurrent and collaborative development of the software and hardware aspects of our SoCs.”

Design teams using solutions from Magillem can reuse internal/3rd party IPs to specify and explore the design architecture followed by scaling up SoC integration and concurrent development of software and hardware. By providing a single sourcing environment for SoC development, Magillem solutions offer shorter development cycles, avoid duplicity of design work, ensure traceability and keep all design teams in-sync while mitigating design errors and potential misinterpretation of specifications by dispersed design teams.

“We are happy to have Samsung Electronics as a long-standing partner and customer”, said Isabelle Geday, Founder and CEO of Magillem. “Magillem solutions help accelerate development of complex SoCs by enabling companies such as Samsung and their customers to unify their design flows by integrating IP reuse, design specification and development coupled with design documentation. Our solutions aim at enabling design teams to improve their productivity and achieve successful tapeouts on time.”

About Magillem:
Magillem is a pioneer and the leading developer of enterprise system-on-chip (SoC) solutions aimed at improving design productivity and automating flows for the semiconductor and embedded systems industry. With over a decade of experience, the company provides solutions based on integrated design  specifications, data and documentation across the entire design life cycle for all types of designs – digital, analog and mixed-signal. Magillem is one of the leading authorities of the IP-XACT standard.The company is also the Co-chair of the IP-XACT 2021 Accellera committee and an active member since the inception of the IP-XACT standard.Magillem customers include the top 20 semiconductor companies worldwide. The company is headquartered in Paris, France with local offices and distributors in USA, China, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. For more information on the solutions and products provided, visit

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