What are Some Easy to Make Mocktails at Home?

Who says partying without non-alcoholic drinks is boring? Because refreshing mocktail beverages are satisfying and wholesome as alcoholic beverages! These are fancy drinks that serve as an alternative for anyone who is up for a sober celebration or gathering.

The enjoyment of this drink is not limited to social activities. One can explore and make their own mix at home that anyone can enjoy.

Trend Alert: Sober Drinks for 2020

Some people like to socialize but not to drink. From the traditional drinking of alcoholic beverages, people nowadays would prefer to embrace refreshing and delicious liquors.

Different bars and restaurants started gearing up with this idea since the demand for tasty and blended flavors with complex layers intensifies. For the record, a mocktail drink is a cocktail-style beverage mixed without alcoholic ingredients. It is often blended with different juices, sodas, saturated waters, and other elements to satisfy an individual’s taste.

Several factors influence the rise of mocktails as the new trend or drink for the year 2020. Here are some insights.

  • Mocktails are considered as a cultural shift since sober curious gatherings are on the rise. There is fun in drinking zero-alcohol drinks plus the experience feeling booze-free.
  • Also, a new campaign called sober curious movement is expanding. It encourages a sober lifestyle, planning to give up on alcohol entirely.
  • People are taking extra care of their physical and mental being. It means they have to abstain from drinking liquor from now on. On the other hand, mocktails are known to be nutritious.
  • Consumers are exploring new drink options. According to Distill Ventures, a drinks-focused accelerator, in his survey with bartenders and consumers in London, Los Angeles, and New York, 61% of U.K. consumers prefer non-alcoholic beverages.
  • The media supports the trend of having a personally blended or mixed alcohol-free cocktail that does not taste similar to a kid drink. Besides, there are new mocktail establishments that customize drinks depending on a person’s preferences.

Making mocktails would rise as time progresses, and 2020 is the year that non-alcoholic drinks in Australia deserve extensive recognition.

Best Mocktail Recipes

Are people interested in the new rise? One would not have to hop on different bars and restaurants to experience booze-free drink celebrations! There are various homemade mocktails everyone could try while ensuring it satisfies their particular punch. Here are some easy and best mocktail recipes that anyone can blend.

Sparkling Cranberry Punch

This drink only requires three ingredients with a few minutes to prepare—a perfect beverage for any festive season or holiday. In a big container, stir and mix the cranberry juice cocktail, add some sparkling water, and the concentrated, dissolved pink lemonade. It is a dependable drink to consider for last-minute plans.

Virgin Frozen Margaritas

What if people look for a family-friendly drink? Virgin Frozen Margaritas serves a bit sour and sweet taste punch, perfect for warm gatherings. Put some frozen limeade concentrate, grapefruit, and orange juice, together with some ice cubes in a blender. Pour it into glasses in the desired amount, then serve. Kids and adults will surely love this beverage.

Moscow Mule

Perfect for summer getaways, this refreshing drink could be customized depending on people’s tastes. It consists of non-alcoholic ginger beer (currently in trend right now) mixed with limes and fresh mint sprigs. One could replace regular ginger ales if they prefer a milder one, as an alternative for ginger brews. The addition of sparkling water and lemonade is optional.

Strawberry Pineapple Shaker Upper

Nobody would want to miss out on this flourishing drink with additional health benefits. Blend the half of frozen strawberries along with a sherbet, crushed pineapples, preferred soda, and vanilla ice cream. Repeat the process with the other half and stir it until it becomes ready to serve.

Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer Recipe

This drink would serve a positive and optimistic vibe. What one only needs to do is a little bit of mixing fresh lemon balms with some sparkling water. Although lemon balms may sometimes be hard to purchase, try substituting mint for an alternative. It is recommended to keep it refrigerated before serving.

Rhubarb Cordial

Make the most out of the season with this delightful cordial beverage that only takes up to ten minutes to prepare. On a large saucepan with the sugar, add the orange and lemon juice zests, the rhubarb, and the ginger. Heat the mix over medium temperature until the rhubarb descends.

Mojito Mocktail

What to do for those abstaining from alcoholic drinks while fancying for a booze-free blend during social activities? A mojito mocktail will be the most suitable drink.  Applying a pestle and mortar, combine the sugar with mint leaves then divide it with some lime juice within the glasses. Add some soda and straw for finishing touches.

Watermelon Lemonade

This watermelon lemonade is perfect for social gatherings or guests with mostly children. The looks will entice them, and it is convenient to make. Hollow the top of the watermelon using a large spoon after cutting the top of it, to remove excess pips on the fruit. Then, blend it with some lemon juice, sugar, and whizz. Guests could also stir it with a soda for some added appealing aftertaste. 

Summer Cup Mocktail

This mocktail features different and stimulating fruits that furnish people with a relaxed feeling, especially during the hot season. It consists of red berries, mint, lemonade, and cucumber for those who prefer drinks with low calories. Add some crushed frozen berries to the heated chopped cucumber, later strain it. After garnishing it with any fruit, combine, and stir it gently.

Purple Punch

Want to discover something extraordinary? This purple punch seems daring and suitable for a relaxed atmosphere. Muddle some mint, blueberries, and lemon wheels within a glass; then add some fresh lemonade and ice cubes. Stir it and garnish with the same ingredients. Then it is good to serve.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Made Easy

Who would have thought that non-alcoholic beverages offer the same vibe and taste as alcoholic drinks? Considering it provides nutritional benefits, temperance drinks are undoubtedly the most competent alternative punch for individuals abstaining from boozy beverages.

While it does not require fancy equipment and rare ingredients, the method has no difficulty, and it offers incredible results. That is why reducing alcohol consumption would appear natural. Because of this, beverage manufacturers are modernizing their drink segments and specialties to jump with the trend.

One can also unleash creativity when making mocktails. It is more than blending different ingredients. People could thoughtfully craft and customize their drinks to serve it with others.

Whether one is trying to explore for an upcoming social gathering or satisfying cravings, it is convenient and easy to prepare. After all, these super-refreshing and non-alcoholic drinks Australia are versatile—great both for kids and adults trying to enjoy whatever celebration may be.





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