A barkingly good deal: Fetchify offers FREE email, phone and bank validation

These are difficult times for even the most doggedly dedicated businesses, but Fetchify is here to lend a helping hand. Offering a suite of services spanning address auto-complete, postcode lookup, email validation, UK bank validation and phone validation, the company can be relied upon to make running any online business smoother and more streamlined.

Whether an ambitious self-starter or an up-and-coming big name, Fetchify is perfect for any company which needs to maintain a consistent, user-focused online presence. While user-friendliness is paramount, Fetchify is also a fantastic way to cut costs whilst actively adding benefit to customers.

Fetchify is user-friendly and can be easily integrated with the leading eCommerce and CRM platforms. In most cases, it takes only a matter of minutes to set up and install – so clients can quickly get on with all the important bits of running their business.

As the go-to experts in data verification solutions, the team at Fetchify are noted for their superb, friendly customer support. The team are on hand to talk via whatever method suits customers best – be it phone, e-mail, or online chat. This customer-led approach is increasingly important as more and more businesses go digital, and has helped position Fetchify as a trusted, effective solution for companies of all sizes and scales.

This will be great news to companies currently facing cutbacks and difficult decisions amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but to help make things even easier, Fetchify is now going one step further, by giving free email, phone validation to all address validation customers. The team hope this small step makes a big difference to companies who need a helping hand.

“We know it’s been a difficult year for many businesses, and we want to help where we can,” says Russell Jones, Managing Director of Fetchify. “Our free real-time validation products ensure that you don’t miss out on vital customer data and save the admin costs that bad data can produce.”

Find out more about the brand and sign up for a free trial at the official website https://fetchify.com

For more information please contact:

Tracy Davis
Tel: 01628201254
Email: tracy.davis@fetchify.com

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