Why High Quality Imagery is Key to your Ecommerce Venture

There’s no doubt that we live in a golden age of technology, with European tech firms now worth four times what they were just five years ago (rising from €155 billion to a whopping €618 billion).

Ecommerce is one of the key drivers of the growth, with the pace of expansion in this market apparently having been exacerbated by coronavirus.

In the UK, for example, it’s thought that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will have added $5.3 billion to the economy by the end of 2020, as businesses continue their rapid transition online.

For firms looking to take their business online, it’s important not to overlook the finer and seemingly insignificant details. For example, high quality product images can have a huge impact on the success of your venture, especially when trying to bridge the gap between corporeal and online shopping.

The Importance of High Quality Imagery

Picture the scene; you own a product-oriented ecommerce venture, and one that sells items direct to customers across the world.

In this instance, your potential customers cannot touch or gauge the quality of your products, and while distributing product samples for free may prove helpful, such a measure can be unsustainable over an extended period of time.

This is why high quality imagery and product photos are so important, as they present your items in the best possible light and create a positive first impression in the minds of consumers.

Remember, brands and people only have an estimated seven seconds on average to make a first impression, while this is arguably even more important for luxury brands that look to sell products at a premium.

Given the trend for exponential ecommerce growth throughout Europe, high quality imagery can also help brands to target customers within a wider and fast-growing audience.

In the Netherlands, for example, an estimated 78% of residents now shop and order goods regularly online, while this number is expected to grow incrementally over time.

What are the Precise Benefits of Using High Quality Product Photos?

In practical terms, we can see how high quality product snapshots help to promote products and create a positive impression in the minds of customers, but its potential advantages extend far beyond these metrics.

For example, by using high-definition imagery that captures products in an authentic and realistic light, customers can make a more informed purchasing decision and develop a greater understanding of the underlying value proposition.

This can translate into reduced customer returns over time, which has a huge impact in terms of operational costs and profitability.

On a fundamental level, we know that the conversion rates for product listings with images are far higher than those that have none, while studies show that the rate doubles on average for every image used.

This highlights a clear trend, and it stands to reason that the utilisation of high quality imagery can further help to attract the attention of potential buyers in the first place and drive even higher rates of conversion online.

It’s this type of small but meaningful detail that is crucial for product-oriented brands in the digital age, especially as the ecommerce market continues to accelerate and becomes an increasingly competitive space.

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