Simterest: The New Worldwide Similar Interests App Is Helping To Beat Lockdown Isolation

During the beginnings of lockdown, Andrew Gaskell from Cheshire was inspired to design a new app to revolutionise the way we interact online. Unable to get out of the house and meet new people, Andrew came up with a new social media platform, Simterest as a solution. His app allows people to avoid awkward small talk and instead filter their searches to find someone with similar interests.

Research has shown that we are more likely to form friendships and relationships with people when we have similar interests. However, in the current pandemic, meeting new, like-minded people is now heavily dependent on technology. Whilst locked-down at home, Andrew began to forge an idea of linking social media and dating on an entirely new platform.

Andrew toyed with the latest need to pigeon-hole our social interactions, like dating and networking, into separate applications. He questioned why an app had not been created that allowed an individual to make and connect with their friends, meet business associates, and form romantic relationships. Consequently, Simterest was born.

By placing the focus on people’s similar interests and niche qualities, Andrew wanted to move away from the superficial applications that focus on physical appearance and shallow connections. Simterest, therefore, draws the focus back towards conversation and COVID-approved interaction. Simterest has now officially launched across the world and is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

About Simterest:
Simterest is an app designed to help people to connect with others based on their similar interests. It was developed for people who would rather have one space where they can make friends, business connections and even form romantic relationships.

You can search for people based on their occupation, like Doctors, Lawyers, Artists and Teachers, with a location range of up to 1500 miles. Simterest even allows you to narrow your search down as much as you want, with up-to three interests per search to find that perfect friend, business connection or future partner. That means, if you want to find a Harry Potter lover who dabbles in scuba-diving and cooking on the weekends, and lives less than thirty miles outside of your city, then you can! And with such a large location range, you can even make connections with people who you never would have had the chance to meet before.

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