Schuman Cheese Launches AI Cheese Chatbot with Chit Chat Agency

Chit Chat Agency has announced a partnership with Cello Cheese, the flagship brand of Schuman Cheese, the world renowned cheese producer and importer, to deliver a fully automated, AI-powered, Facebook Messenger chatbot.

The chatbot will help customers to “cheese confidently”. Cello Cheese Chat will act as a virtual cheese connoisseur, by providing recommendations from thousands of cheeses based on a wide variety of criteria as well as taking the guesswork out of cheese pairings.

Founded in New York in 1945 by Arthur Schuman, Schuman Cheese has passed down through the generations its founder’s energy, and passion for cheeses, and has grown from a modest import business into a renowned and respected leader in the cheese industry throughout the world. Schuman Cheese’s product range has earned multiple prestigious awards, including 4 awards at The World Championship Cheese Contest.

UK based Chit Chat Agency used Google Dialogflow to power the AI as well as a variety of tools and custom scripting to complete the conversational experience. The chatbot is deployed on Facebook Messenger which has over one billion active users worldwide.

The Messenger bot will provide a complete conversational experience, answering questions such as “Which cheese would pair well with chardonnay?”, “What can I have with parmesan cheese?”, “What is romano cheese?”, “Where is mascarpone cheese from?”, or “Can you recommend a nutty and vegetarian cheese from France?”.

Additional chatbot features include store lookup, listing updates, newsletter subscription, customer service live chat rerouting and an interactive cheese quiz to encourage further brand engagement.

Ryan Dearlove, Chit Chat Agency founder, said: “Smart brands are beginning to realise the opportunities available on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger to shape consumers’ decisions and experiences. Cello Cheese have been leaders in cheese making for over seven decades, it’s great to see a long-established traditional business being fearless by reinventing how they connect and build relationships with their audience in this new mobile and messaging era.”

Mike Currie, Director of Marketing at Schuman Cheese, commented: “At Schuman Cheese we have earned a reputation for importing, making, and processing world-class cheeses. The virtual Cello Cheese assistant will allow us to pass on our 75 years of knowledge to help consumers cheese confidently on a one-to-one basis at scale. We hope this tool, along with our existing in-store and online information already provided – encourages customers to discover new cheeses as well as explore pairings. We chose Chit Chat Agency because of their deep and unique understanding of conversational marketing, it’s been a great collaboration.”

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