Mobile Lyme Limited offer the best case and screen protection for Galaxy A42


Mobile Lyme, the leading supplier of smartphone accessories in the UK, have carefully curated a selection of the highest-quality Samsung Galaxy A42 cases and screen protectors to ensure their customers can protect their mobiles phones safely.

On November 6th 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A42 launched in the UK and was met to an excellent reception. The smartphone is complete with the Samsung Snapdragon 750G chipset, making it the most affordable 5G smartphone to be launched on the market so far. The chipset boasts a 20% performance increase compared to the Snapdragon 730G which features in the Google Pixel 4a.

Other impressive features on the Galaxy A42 include a 5,000 mAh battery which delivers a long-lasting phone life and 15W fast charging capabilities. As standard, the phone is complete with 128GB of storage, though this can be increased to up to 1TB of storage with an SD card that can be bought separately. 128GB of storage ensures thousands of photos, videos and documents can be stored on the phone without needing to purchase additional storage space.

In order to ensure the high-quality specifications of the phone are protected at all times, Galaxy A42 cases are essential. Cases for the Samsung Galaxy A42 are available at Mobile Lyme. Mobile Lyme has a range of tech-protect cases and wallet cases designed to keep the Galaxy A42 as safe and secure as possible. Mobile Lyme cases can help you protect the investment of your Galaxy A42.

Roger, the company spokesperson for Mobile Lyme Limited explained: “At Mobile Lyme, our mission is to ensure our customers can protect their new Galaxy A42 easily and affordably.

Another stand-out feature of the Galaxy A42 is its four rear cameras. The 48MP camera can capture images in 4K and detail-rich close-ups are able to be captured thanks to the 5mp depth camera. The 20mp camera on the front of the phone is designed to capture Instagram-worthy selfies with its Smart Beauty lens.

Users will find the HD+, Super AMOLED front screen of the smartphone impressive, as it measures 6.6″ in size and is complete with an Infinity-U display. In order to protect the high-tech screen, Galaxy A42 screen protectors are necessary.

Mobile Lyme has sourced a selection of screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy A42 devices to ensure users can use the smartphone to its full potential without compromising the quality of the screen. The screen protectors available from Mobile Lyme ensure the Galaxy A42 device is protected against accidental drops but does not lower the screen quality.

Galaxy A42 owners can find a wide selection of smartphone accessories on Mobile Lyme, including everything from carbon fibre cases to gel cases. Smartphone cases can help to preserve the quality of Samsung phones by protecting them against scratches and other accidents.

Mobile Lyme also provides a host of Samsung accessories also suitable for the Galaxy A42, such as data cables, chargers and holders. Should an individual plan to drive with their Galaxy A42, they will be able to find in-car accessories available for the device at Mobile Lyme.

To learn more about Mobile Lyme or Galaxy A42 accessories, see the Mobile Lyme website.

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