The Best Home Health Technology to Buy Now

Investing in your wellbeing is always a good choice, and there are many home improvements that do more than simply make life easier. Technology should always be functional, and the purpose of the tech featured throughout this article is to boost your health and improve your overall quality of life. Considering your age, needs, and expected changes over the coming years will help you choose the right products for your home. Everyone is different, and you may even decide to make certain purchases based on projected needs or a family member, such as an aging parent or child with disabilities.

A Home Elevator

With new 21st century home elevators, they are highly customizable and easy to install. They can fit in compact spaces and even accommodate wheelchairs. Even if you do not have any trouble getting up and down stairs, a home elevator can still benefit your wellness. Aside from reducing the risk of accidental falls, which are the leading cause of fractures, broken bones and sprains, you can also use it to move heavy objects more easily. Multi-generational families can also benefit from a home elevator, which makes the house more accessible and safer for seniors and more convenient for younger members.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure is both a chronic condition and symptom; chronic stress and other medical problems can put people at risk of developing a heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. The Omron Evolv blood pressure monitor is £129.99 and provides fast, clinical-grade blood pressure assessments right from your home. The device is compact, easy to use and sends readings directly to your smartphone so they can easily be shared with a doctor.

Water Purifier

Tap water often contains harmful contaminants that expose you and your family to a variety of compounds such as lead, mercury and even chlorine. While bottled water is the purest, it is expensive and accumulates a significant amount of waste. The perfect solution is a purifier like a Brita filter or the ZeroWater Purifier. You’ll be able to rest assured that every sip of water you take from one of these devices is as refreshing as it is clean.

An Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor by Netatmo provides real-time updates about your area’s air quality, including humidity and pollution levels, temperature and noise. It can also provide personalized recommendations to improve your indoor air quality. Beyond improving the health of your family with cleaner air, you can also use this device to cultivate a more peaceful, restful environment by monitoring sound levels. When you gain a better understanding of how your air, pollution and temperature impact your mental health and wellbeing, you’ll be able to make positive changes and build better habits that improve your total body wellness.

Touchless Sinks

In this day and age, reducing exposure to viral infections like the flu and COVID-19 is critical to well-being. Faucets are a breeding ground for germs, especially in the bathroom. You can eliminate the risk of contamination by installing touchless faucets throughout your home; these models also tend to be more current with conservation regulations, which can save you water by producing a low flow without compromising efficacy.

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