Philips launch new home projector range

The home projector sector is set for a shake-up with the news that Philips Projection is to launch three new NeoPix models.

Following on from the successful debut of last year’s NeoPix Collection, Philips Projection has announced that the existing range, which consists of the NeoPix Easy, Prime and Ultra projectors, will be upgraded to become the Easy 2+, Prime 2 and Ultra 2.

During the announcement, Philips emphasised that the upgrades would push the boundaries by merging the premium features of the PicoPix Collection with the NeoPix range: “Our customers can now enjoy our smart Philips OS with pre-loaded apps, Wi-Fi Dual Band for maximum speed, Bluetooth, a new light engine delivering better colour and contrast, upgraded resolution up to True Full HD and a brand-new AirMote control for a super easy navigation.”

Both the NeoPix Prime 2 and Ultra 2 will be upgraded to incorporate smart image correction, a new feature that will include 4-corner correction, enabling the placing of the projector in any position in the room. The Prime 2 will benefit from built-in apps, as well as a new fan and speakers, while the Ultra 2 will be smaller than its predecessor but will project True Full HD 1080p images.

The result, according to Philips, is a range of updated projectors that can deliver entertainment in any room of your home, incorporating a lamp-free light engine that has been optimised to provide more than 30,000 hours of play. The devices will feature the built-in Philips OS as well as Dual-Band Wi-Fi which enables streaming through various apps including YouTube. Users will also be able to directly play music or video from USB sticks or stream from mobile devices thanks to Wi-Fi screen mirroring.

One particularly interesting feature for this range is the ability that it offers to produce a picture with perfect proportions even when the projector is not directly in front of the projection surface, thanks to the combination of digital zoom correction and 4-corner correction.

While the Prime 2 and Ultra 2 represent the upper and middle prices in the NeoPix range, the Easy2+ has been billed by Philips as their most affordable projector option, and it now boasts double the brightness level of its predecessor with a resolution of 720p.

The Easy2+ will enable users to project content up to an impressive 65” through multiple connectivity options, including MicroSD, USB and HDMI. The built-in multimedia player will play images, music and movies from a hard drive or USB stick, and the device includes advanced correction technology that ensures a 16:9 image even when used at an angle. The Easy 2+ comes with stereo speakers and the option to plug in external speakers through the 3.5mm audio jack for louder audio.

Philips will clearly be hoping that the updated NeoPix range proves to be a big hit with customers going into the holiday season. All three models are available this month, with the Easy2+ retailing at $149, while the Prime 2 is priced at $199 and the Ultra 2 is available at $329.

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