Why Do So Many People Enjoy a Day at the Races?

A day out at a sporting event is not something that everyone loves. However, there seems to be a growing love for a day at the races, with more than just sports fans heading out to watch the races take place and have a good time.

But why is this? Horse racing has been in need of a boost in terms of attendance for many years and one of the ways they have tried to fix this is by marketing a day at the races as being a social event, just as much as it is a sporting event.

This has clearly worked, and when you visit a racetrack you will see people who are there to enjoy the day, but not what you would describe as horse racing fans or regular gamblers.

The Thrill of Betting

You don’t have to be a regular gambler to enjoy a bet on horse racing while you are at the track. There is a great buzz about landing a winner, whether you go and place your bet with a bookmaker on course or you place it from home before you arrive to save you some time.

When betting from home, the benefit is you can take advantage of offers such as non runner no bet AKA NRNB. These give you additional value on your bets, and save you thinking about betting while at the course, you can enjoy the other aspects of your day, and cheer on your winners when race time comes.

When you are at the side of the track and cheering home your selections, even the smallest of stakes will feel like they are giving you a big win, it is a feeling that people never forget.

A Celebration

There are many reasons for heading out and visiting the racetrack, it doesn’t need to just be about horses. For some, it is a great place to go for a celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary.

People can gather, have a few drinks, something to eat and enjoy the action on course, placing bets and cheering on their selections.

Racing has become a social event, rather than just a sporting one. This is where the sport needs to continue focusing too, because solely relying on sports fans to attend is not going to bring in enough revenue for tracks to survive.

The Melbourne Cup in Australia is one of the biggest and most-attended horse racing events anywhere in the world. There are horse racing fans there of course, but many people are there to celebrate and enjoy the day, it is these fans that need to be attracted elsewhere.

The Simpleness of Horse Racing

What is perhaps the biggest reason why many people can get on board and enjoy a day at the races is the simpleness of horse racing.

You don’t need to know the form, know which jockeys are riding or even keep up to date with the latest sports news. If you want to, it can be as simple as picking a colour to follow, or backing a number that is special to you.

This ease of access is important for racing. Yes, there is no skill in picking a number or a colour, but it helps to diversify the crowd and encourage non-sports fans that they are welcome on course and can have a great day.

It is also one of the main reasons why so many enjoy a day at the races. From being a form guru to celebrating an occasion once a year and backing number 4 in each race, everyone is welcome.