Earn a Passive Monthly Income with Yakkyofy Affiliate Program

Yakkyofy, the dropshipping software, just launched its new affiliate program based on a monthly recurring commission of customer revenue.

Rome 17/11/2020, today Yakkyofy launches an affiliate program to provide revenue-generating opportunities to individuals and businesses that want to earn an online income full or part-time.

“We have created a software solution” declares Giovanni Conforti, CEO & Founder of Yakkyofy, “able to meet all the sourcing and logistics needs of a dropshipping store and to manage all the orders, quotes, and shipments of an entire dropshipping business with a single account and a single partner”.

“Our software” continues Conforti “is perfect for both newbies approaching this business sector for the first time and for big players that need special services such as dropshipping private label products and inventory stocks for supporting their sales growth. ”

“For this reason,” concludes Yakkyofy’s Founder “ if you are an expert in the dropshipping and eCommerce sector or you help people to improve the sales of their online store with courses and video tutorials. Yakkyofy can be the right partner for you.“

The affiliates program comes with monthly recurring passive commissions from all the sales generated by customers registered with an affiliate link.

This means that Yakkyofy’s Affiliates will earn a 3% commission on all the sales generated by all their referrals, which in this case are eCommerce store owners that in order to keep their business afloat need to sell hundreds of products every month.

In this situation, it is clear that even a few referral customers can generate hundreds or even thousands of sales every month and, in this way, a large revenue share for the Affiliate.

Attracting referral customers is also an easy task for Yakkyofy’s Affiliates as Yakkyofy’s software is free to use and there is no risk of losing any referrals because the company also offers a special bonus to all users that register through the affiliate link, a special bonus that users will not get when registering normally.

“The affiliate program is an important step in satisfying the requests we have been getting from business partners and influencers wishing to promote Yakkyofy to their client base in exchange for a commission on sales generated. ” stated Giovanni Conforti “and we are proud of the partnership that we are offering. We invite all the people interested in this opportunity to visit the Affiliate Page on our website or to contact us if they want to propose a special partnership”.

Anyone who manages an eCommerce store, Dropshipping Influencers, eCommerce Marketing Experts, can therefore visit the Yakkyofy website or contact their team by Live Chat to understand how their Affiliate Program can help them increase the profit of their existing business.

About the Company: Yakkyofy is a dropshipping software created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps shop owners to completely automate the management of their Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources the products to sell, also branded with your own logo, helps import them into your store with only a few clicks and takes care of all the order fulfillment process automatically. All of the Yakkyofy services are available with just a few clicks, directly on our software, no manual work required.

Yakkyofy Press Office
Simona Ferrazza | simona.ferrazza@yakkyofy.com
Yakkyofy website: https://yakkyofy.com/
Affiliate Program Page: https://yakkyofy.com/yakkyofy-affiliate-program/
Official Video: https://youtu.be/S4OC6Fz8zLg

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