How To Analyze Your Results History?


One of the best ways to know where you’re going is to know where you’re coming from. This phrase has been used for years to help people maneuver different aspects of life. In betting, this is also true and applicable.

In most cases, betting is a skill, and experienced punters do not depend on sheer luck to ensure winning. But how good are your skills? Are they giving you the results that you desire? Is there something that you need to change, perhaps your tactics?

The beauty of online betting in sites like fun555 is that you can always access your betting history (if your betting platform doesn’t offer you the chance to access your betting history, this should act as a red flag, and you should avoid it).

Under your account, you can access your betting history, and this is where you can analyze your betting patterns to help you determine your next course of action.

So, what are some of the things to consider when trying analyzing your betting history?

Look at your winning and losing bets

In most cases, the decision you make based on this depends on the type of sports you place your bets on. Let’s take the example of football betting. Here, most bookmakers offer you a chance to place your bets on different markets for one match.

You have the freedom to place the traditional win, draw, or lose bets. Alternatively, you can also consider other markets like double chance, over/ under, correct scores, etc.

Which types of markets have been getting you more wins? Which kinds of bets have been losing more of late? If most of the correct score bets that you place don’t seem to bring back any winnings, then it would be high time to cease placing such bets. Perhaps you could spend more time and effort placing bets on the markets that usually get you better returns.

Look at your expenditure

Most punters never really know how much they have invested in betting until they go back through their betting history in detail. You’ve probably spent way too much than the allocated budget you initially had before starting the trade.

It is a no-brainer that gambling can be addictive, and at times, you may not realize that you have gone way past your spending limits. Perhaps most of your bets are losing, and you always feel optimistic about the next one, and the cycle continues.

Looking at your betting history paints a true picture of your expenditure, helping you make sound financial decisions. As a rule of thumb, one of the best betting tips to follow is knowing your limits, including your expenditure. Be a smart punter and analyze your betting history to determine your spending limits.

Net profit

Most of us get into betting as we gain that extra cash. However, a lot goes into consideration to determine whether what you’re getting out of gambling is worth it or not.

As you go through your betting history, you should look at your net profit. Are you getting good returns from betting, or are the winnings insignificant?

One of the biggest determinants of how big your winnings are is the type of bet placed. However, it all usually falls down to the bookmaker used. Some bookmakers offer minimal odds, meaning that no matter how much you try, your winnings will always be small. 

This is why it would be prudent to carefully pick your betting platform before placing your investments. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all that hassle, as platforms like fun555 get you access to big odds, getting you big wins.

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