Bloomsbury Professional and vLex partnership

For the first time, authoritative family and tax law reports will be available alongside the world’s largest collections of common and civil law on an AI-powered research platform, following a new agreement between vLex and Bloomsbury Professional.
Accessing these important reported series on the flagship vLex Justis platform will enable legal professionals and universities around the world to benefit from intuitive search and analysis features, alongside access to over 120 million legal information documents already available from vLex.

Authoritative Family Court Reports

The Family Court Reports bring unparalleled coverage of the most significant family law cases from the UK. This important collection of precedent-setting cases from the superior courts is updated fortnightly, offering an essential and up-to-date resource containing the latest developments for family law practitioners who look to UK law. To increase the understanding of these key cases, the Family Court Reports include highly respected additions such as headnotes provided by expert legal editors.

This authoritative series will now be available to search on one platform alongside legal information from over 130 jurisdictions for the first time, such as the largest collection of UK superior court judgments, which including over 60,000 family law cases, to enable comprehensive research of this area of law to be conducted. Having a vast quantity of judgments available alongside the Family Court Reports will enable researchers to be more confident that they are considering every relevant case in their research.

Access important tax cases from Ireland

The Irish Tax Reports is the only comprehensive collection of important tax cases from Ireland, including cases dating back to the foundation of the State in 1922. This provides an essential resource for anyone who needs access to an authoritative collection of tax law from Ireland for their research.

Available alongside the largest collection of Irish case law, and the Irish Reports & Digests, this new collection is the perfect addition to the range of Irish primary law on vLex Justis, and will greatly enhance the depth of research of the laws of Ireland. vLex also offers an extensive range of reported series of interest to anyone practising tax law, including the CCH Tax Cases, the Jersey Law Reports, the Bermuda Law Reports and Cayman Islands Law Reports.

Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of vLex Global Markets, discussed the importance of offering these two reported series:
“These new reported series are significant additions to our product offerings for the UK and Ireland, and we are pleased that it has been made possible by our new partnership with Bloomsbury Professional. Bringing authoritative reports, a vast collection of unreported judgments and our industry-leading technology together offers increased potential for our customers to conduct thorough research, and this is something we aim to continue to enhance.”

Greg Kilminster, Managing Director, Bloomsbury Professional added:
“Bloomsbury Professional are very pleased to be working in partnership with vLex to provide quality content and research solutions to a new audience. The Family Court Reports and Irish Tax Reports are essential research tools enabling users to make informed decisions in these areas.”

Research enhanced by artificial intelligence

For the first time, accessing the Family Court Reports and Irish Tax Reports on vLex Justis will enable legal professionals and law students to benefit from powerful search and analysis features to enhance their research.

Vincent, an AI-powered legal research assistant, combines human-like searching with machine speed and can identify related cases that traditional searching can miss. Using Vincent alongside the Precedent Map, an intuitive visualisation tool which displays the relationships between citing and cited cases, will enable researchers to conduct thorough searches and locate highly relevant cases faster than ever before.

The Key Passages feature displays the most commonly cited passages of a case so researchers can quickly find out how a case has been cited subsequently, and which cases are still good law and can be relied upon.

Learn more

To learn more about the Family Court Reports and Irish Tax Reports, and how you can access them on the AI-powered vLex Justis platform, visit the collection launch page to register your interest.

About vLex

vLex provides access to a comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 20 years ago, vLex provides a first-class and comprehensive service for thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. vLex acquired Justis Publishing in March 2019, and have integrated their content and features into the flagship vLex Justis platform.

Their team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts continually strive to deliver up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

About Bloomsbury Professional

Bloomsbury Professional publish high quality print and digital products for lawyers, tax practitioners, accountants and business professionals. With our list of prestigious authors, editors and contributors, you can rely on the quality of the information you are using and therefore make complex decisions with confidence.

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