Marrfish take a fresh look at home delivery route planning with PODFather

Marrfish take a fresh look at home delivery route planning with PODFather

Marrfish, the frozen fish and seafood specialist, has selected PODFather’s route planning and electronic proof of delivery system to help streamline its new home delivery operation. With a long history of delivering fresh quality fish to the hospitality and restaurant trade, this year has seen the Marrfish team take its service to the next level with the introduction of a UK wide home delivery service. With 16 vehicles delivering to over 700 trade and home customers located around the country Marrfish needed a proven software solution that could help the team scale up its service quickly and efficiently. PODFather’s long history of servicing the food delivery industry, and its proven results, made it clear choice for the Marrfish team.

“Here at Marrfish we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality fresh fish and having reliable route plans is an important part of our customer service offering,” comments Ben English, Operations Director at Marrfish Ltd. “Before PODFather we manually planned and managed our operation. Now, as we roll out PODFather across our operation we look forward to experiencing the cost and time savings that we know PODFather’s automated planning solution will deliver.”

Marrfish will experience the benefit of planning routes using PODFather’s multi drop route planning system. Relied upon to plan and optimise routes for thousands of vehicles across the UK every day, the solution allows jobs to be efficiently planned across drivers and vehicles. PODFather’s advanced algorithms ensure routes are cost effective, resource efficient and meet customer time window expectations. Routing takes a matter of minutes and once complete the route information can be automatically shared with drivers via the PODFather smartphone app which is used to track delivery progress and capture electronic proof of delivery information in real time.

In addition to reaping the benefit of automated route planning and electronic proof of delivery, the Marrfish team will also get to experience the customer service benefits that PODFather has to offer. With the introduction of automated ETA notifications, and the PODFather customer portal for proactive delivery tracking, the Marrfish team look forward to giving customers, and their own customer service teams, real time visibility of order progress.

“All our stock is delivered freshly frozen so our customers can transfer our produce straight into their freezer,” adds English. “With PODFather we can provide our customers with advance notification about when we expect to make their delivery and provide accurate real time updates while our vehicles are out on the road. Also, the introduction of electronic proof of delivery notifications, including photos, will ensure we get immediate notification of all delivery completions as they happen which will make it much easier to deal with any delivery queries or customer questions.”

“The PODFather routing engine can generate and optimise delivery and collection routes to ensure you meet your time windows at the same time as taking vehicle capacity, road speeds, driving time and cost into consideration,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “For our growing list of food home delivery customers accurate ETA notifications are helping to improve the customer experience through the generation of reliable delivery times that customers can proactively track via our customer portal.”

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