How to pick the perfect engagement ring: Five top tips on picking the dream ring for your partner

Mappin & Webb is on hand to ensure that your partner receives the engagement ring of their dreams

Peak engagement season – Christmas and New Year – is on the horizon, and a new survey1 from Mappin & Webb has revealed that one in four people planning to propose (26%) have worried about picking the right engagement ring for their partner, highlighting this is a common fear amongst couples looking to tie the knot.

While over a quarter (27%) had ‘no worries’ about picking the right ring, a further 24% who planned to propose said they would opt for a ‘holder ring’ to allow them to select the actual engagement ring together.

Buying an engagement ring is typically a big financial commitment, with the National Wedding Survey2 reporting that the average spend is £2,419. The experts at Mappin & Webb advise that it is important to buy a ring that suits your partner’s personality and style, to ensure that a potentially life-changing moment is as special as it can possibly be.

Here are five top tips to help those with a proposal on the cards, to pick a dream engagement ring for their partner:

Tip 1 – Determine your budget

You might hear from some people that you need to spend a certain percentage of your monthly wage on an engagement ring. Remember that the aim is to pick the right ring, not the most expensive one. 

It is perfectly fine to start shopping without having an exact figure in mind but do have a rough estimate of what your budget might be – it should help you to narrow the field down, as there are so many rings to pick from.

Tip 2 – Get the ring size right

This might sound obvious, but it is important to make sure you have the correct measurements when buying an engagement ring. Perhaps consider checking another ring from your partner’s collection? 

If that is not possible, there are a few clever ways to collect the required intel without giving the game away. Your partner may have mentioned their measurements to a friend or family member on the chance that you might ask them one day – that can be a good avenue to explore.

Tip 3 – Pick the right style

You might know your partner like the back of your hand but picking a ring that suits them is harder than it sounds. 

Have a look at your partner’s jewellery collection when you can and consider bouncing a few ideas around with a trusted friend or family member that knows your partner well. 

Tip 4 – Diamonds are forever?

Many couples opt for diamonds when it comes to an engagement ring, but that does not have to be the case.

In the modern day, plenty of rings are crafted with sapphire, ruby, or another precious stone and these styles have been made more popular by celebrities.

Of course, it is a judgement call that only you can make regarding what stone best suits your partner’s personality. If you think an alternative stone could fit the bill, why not go for it?

Tip 5 – Scour the market

It’s a simple one, really but the more rings you have a look at, the better your understanding of the market will be. 

Do plenty of research and then whittle down the rings you like into progressively smaller and smaller shortlists.

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  1. A survey of 1,000 adults who are planning to propose, conducted in August 2020.

For further information, please contact Alexa Cobbold at 


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