The Use of CBD Cigarettes in Helping the Addict Quit Tobacco

Tobacco products dominate the cigarettes industry. Tobacco cigarettes are considered the fastest method of inducing nicotine the feel high substance in tobacco better than any other forms of tobacco. It is this efficiency that makes many tobacco users prefers tobacco cigarettes over other forms of tobacco. Nicotine is very addictive and within a short period tobacco smoker finds themselves within addictions that are hard to quit. There has been a growing need for people who are willing to quit tobacco from the increased health problems related to the use of tobacco products. CBD is a good option when you are willing to quit tobacco this is good substitution of cigarette, CBD which is available in any form as E-liquid, vape cartridge, CBD Oil and CBD capsule.

The world health organization records that tobacco use causes a premature death among users in every 6 seconds day and night. These are shocking statistics, and you may not believe the effects nicotine has caused to the lives of tobacco users since.

The journey of fighting addiction is real as people across all regions in the world are recording their wishes of quitting the cigar sticks. However, it is not a walk in the park. A lot of conventional methods and the use of chemicals have not yielded many results in the fight against cigar sticks. However, the use of CBD cigarettes instead of tobacco is promising great results.

Against the general thinking of many people CBD an element produced from the cannabis plant is much safer than tobacco in smoking. It is difficult to understand the concept behind this fact. Scientists models that if the use of narcotic had been replaced with the use of CBD Cigarettes, the world would not have lost the lives and financial loses it has experienced from the use of narcotic cigars.

Cannabis sativa plant has a lot of natural elements which have distinctive medical benefits to the health of both human beings and animals. However, the plant also has addictive elements which can be eliminated through laboratory processes to exclude them from the beneficial aspects used at improving and restoring human health. This is where CBD cigarettes beat the narcotic sticks. Nicotine, in its natural form, is consumed directly to the body, causing the effects it has on human tissues. However, CBD or what is commonly known cannabinoids can be extracted from cannabis plants and used in making cigarettes which are not harmful to the body but help restore human health. CBD is essential in relieving stress and depression. CBD cigars can therefore go a very long way into winning better human health in populations as opposed to the narcotic cigars.

The United States is among the massive market of narcotic cigarettes, which are abused by the young generation. We have high numbers of teenagers and underage people in the US using narcotic cigars and who have already fallen into addiction. However, there has since developed influential organizations and institutions which have embraced the idea of raising the distribution of CBD to counter the usage of narcotic sticks among human populations.

Redwood reserves is the most significant CBD and hemp products producing company in the US. This company has been reported to have a potential of increasing production of CBD cigars in US. When well distributed and with support from other institutions, CBD cigars can be used to counter the use and reliance on narcotic cigarettes. The efforts are not to end the smoking habits among smokers but replacing the harmful nicotine cigars with beneficial products which will leave health improvement effects in the lives of smokers.

Redwood reserves propagate its hemp plant naturally and have stringent FDA approved facilities of processing the hemp products that have earned them an excellent reputation among Americans today. The year 2020 has sparked the attention of the people on the need to embrace CBD products across the world continents. In some other publications done this year, it is noted that the CBD industry is the few industries that have recorded a rise in demands over the lockdown period of the COVID 19 pandemic. This has communicated enough facts about the changing needs and customer preference in cigars. TAAT Lifestyle and wellness limited has in a letter dated 10th July 2020 expressed intent of acquiring Redwood Reserves Company to increase the production limits of CBD cigars. Redwood reserves company supplies Hemp products to over 1,600 smoke shops in the US with a good consumer base. TAAT plans to enjoy the already established market for hemp products of the Redwood reserves to increase the consumption of these cigars to the commonly dominated narcotic sticks.

Redwoods have also had excellent online visibility from the e-commerce business that it has been having in the distribution patterns even amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. The online presence has grown beyond what pay per click would have achieved for the institution. TAAT projects that the 100% acquisition of this firm will enable them to run over the readily established grounds and boost the production and distribution of CBD cigarettes.

Other organizations have also joined the efforts and movement in the US to promote the use of non-narcotic products in the US. Among them includes the following:

  1. Imperial Brands PLC: Vaping products have been regulated in many countries across the world from the fear of abuse by the young generation and lack of controlling policies in the production and distribution of such products. However, this brand has submitted paperwork requesting for a permit for continued production and distribution of vaporing products. This will go a long way in reducing the use of narcotic cigars among smokers in the US.
  2. 22end century group, Inc: Is a brand that specializes in reducing the reliance on narcotic cigars and invests in the research work the best gene propagation of hemp plants which can yield more health benefits to users.

Embracing non-narcotic products and technologies that supports reduction on the use of narcotic cigars will go a long way into helping smokers win the battle of quitting narcotic sticks while giving them alternatives of medically healthy smoking options of CBD cigars.

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