Passive Income Ideas

Everyone longs for a successful and fulfilling life and a big part of that life entails financial security. As such, individuals can commit to saving a fraction of their hard-earned money to not only organize for vacations, but guarantee a specific type of lifestyle in the future. But, can individuals supplement their earning using a passive source?

Passive incomes imply to an income generator other than a formal employment or contractual source. You don’t have to work actively on such a source to earn money. Such a source offers a valuable revenue stream as a supplement to standard income sources, especially during a time like an economic recession. Here is the list, carefully crafted by professionals.

Ideas to Generate Passive Income

  • Trading in information products. It’s a popular strategy to generate passive income, and this can entail an e-book or a video/audio course to mention a few. You only have to commit time during the initial outlay before relaxing and concentrating on other things as revenues stream in from sales.
  • Rental income. It’s always a proper idea to invest in properties that you can rent out and ensure you earn some passive income. However, it needs an individual to dig deep and put a lot of time into researching, besides a considerable amount of money as capital.
  • Affiliate marketing. It involves promoting a product for a third party through the inclusion of product links on your website and social media accounts. A perfect example of an affiliate partner includes eBay. You make a commission through every link click from visitors.
  • Investing in an excellent high-yield CD. You can invest in an online bank using a CD (deposit certificate) to generate passive income besides getting possibly the highest rates of interest. You, however, have to research properly to understand what CD ranks highest and worthy to invest in.
  • Peer-to-peer lending. Also referred to as a P2P loan. It implies a personal credit between two parties, you and the borrower. It gets expedited through a LendingClub or Prosper, which are third-party intermediaries. You then accrue an interest when the repayment of the credit matures.
  • Dividend stocks. It can prove lucrative to invest in companies yielding dividend stock as a shareholder. Better still, you can get income regularly from the company either as quarterly or annual payments without any active work.
  • Having a savings account. It’s probably the most passive way of making money. You need to open a savings account and regularly putting in money to generate more based on the banks and account type’s interest rate. It’s wise to invest in a bank with an online banking option as they provide higher rates of interest besides easier transferability of cash.
  • It’s a trust related to investment in real estate which implies an entity that manages or owns real estate. The legal structure that REITs have allow for little to no subjection to corporate income taxation, especially when they transfer a huge proportion of their revenues to shareholders.
  • The bond ladder. It represents a bond series that mature during different times in some years. It has a staggered maturity that reduces the reinvestment risk during a period where the interest payments prove too low.
  • Renting a section of your house. It can entail an idle room of your house to allow passive income to inform of rent from the tenant.


Having a passive source of income can boost your income sources and quality of life by allowing you to focus on an interest area like a career.