Best-Selling Fantasy Novel Series, the Runelords Launches Board Game Kickstarter in January

NEVADA, USA; 15 December 2020 – It’s a fantasy world that has captivated millions, where magic exists as bodily attributes such as brawn, fortitude, wit, and even glamour and can be transferred to Runelords in order to protect their lands. Now fans of the fantasy series by acclaimed author, David Farland can experience all the thrill of the legendary battles at their table with The Runelords Board Game – releasing on Kickstarter on January 19 2021.

Designers John D’Angelo and Shawn Engle at Red Djinn Productions have tasked themselves with bringing life to this fantasy world and will soon launch on Kickstarter to secure funding for printing.

The Runelords Board Game is a hex-based skirmish board game for 1-4 players, where Runelords use powers gifted by their vassals to vanquish their rivals. Developers say the gameplay will feel familiar to fans of Gloomhaven or Warhammer.

The game comes with multiple gameplay modes to suit different play styles with four competitive modes: Blitz, Resistance, Blood Metal Mayhem, and Runelord Royale. In each one, players lead their recruits into battle with their Runelord’s unique set of Sovereignty cards. For those who want to double down on strategic gameplay, Runelord armies can be combined in the optional deck-building mode before battle where the armies of the chosen Runelords are merged into a single market for all players to purchase from. Finally, the scenario-driven Adventure modes are ideal for players looking for a cooperative or solo gameplay experience.

With crowdfunding veterans behind the project, The Runelords Board Game debuts on Kickstarter on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 following rigorous playtesting and careful development. In addition to art and other assets being established before crowdfunding, a demo has been available for months for Tabletop Simulator and can be found on the Steam market.

Copies of the game will be available for a $49 pledge plus shipping with optional miniatures available as a $15 add-on.

The Runelords Board Game Details:
• Player Count: 1-4
• Playtime: 45-180 Minutes
• Ages: 10+
Kickstarter Pre-Launch
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