Caribbean talent Sky Kid Partners with Italian Sensation Marmo for Collaborative effort of their New Single ‘Fed Up’

Fed Up” is the new single by rappers Sky Kid (from St. John’s Antigua a small island in the Caribbean) and Marmo (from Italy) produced by Jami Beats (from Australia). The song is the main track of the rappers’ solo albums. It combines two different cultures but with the same problems. Fed Up is a slang that encompasses everything that bores you in life. It has no borders, no religions and no skin colors! They speak to a generation of kids who understand their language! All the kids in the world are tired of some situations and the two rappers know this well.

“As a teen, growing up was hard. The thought of not having certain things made me depressed. Fake friends upset me, being broke all together; just the thought made me want to punch the wall in my bedroom. Lastly, I was in a toxic relationship all I could think about at the time was escaping by any means necessary. As men, teen guys we don’t usually come forward and speak on the subject but it happens to the best of us, we get tired and Fed Up of the situation we are in. This also goes in reverse for the women out there in an abusive toxic relationship your fed up and we know this. Doesn’t matter the language we all go through that phase in our life at some point.” -Sky Kid.

Due to the nature of the phrase ‘Fed Up’, and its popular use in the Caribbean, Kunchi TV a regional Influencer will be the main person to help involve persons in the Caribbean region to get involved with fun Tik Tok challenges to bring more awareness to the song and help persons express themselves via social media.

The song has some very cool hip-hop vibes and when you listen to it you can’t help but move your head! Sky Kid is a young rapper and entrepreneur from the Caribbean only 23, making moves to help pave the way for other talents unheard of from his island and the Caribbean on a whole. Marmo is a rapper already known in Italy and working hard to become a global sensation despite being only 24 years old, and his songs in total have millions of streams on the platform Spotify. You know, Italians love the United kingdom and the laid back relaxed environment of the Caribbean. Some radios have already listened to the song in preview and are really satisfied with the work and are looking forward to programming.

We are Fed Up of 2020 and all its troubles and ready for the new year. The question is are you ready for 2021?
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