How UK Executives Adapted to The Pandemic & How UK Business Can Thrive Post COVID Restrictions

A new survey reveals how UK executives coped, adapted, and survived during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how UK businesses can go on to thrive. 

The pandemic affected businesses globally, let alone nationwide. This survey digs into how UK executives managed to overcome the obstacles that COVID-19 and the associated restrictions created, with several interesting points:

  • 83% of execs surveyed said that lockdowns interrupted their way of working
  • But 91% of executives surveyed said they felt they could work either in a VERY efficient way (55%) or relatively efficiently (36%), leaving only 9% feeling their efficiency was sub-par.
  • Only 8% of execs surveyed stated that business relationships suffered as a result of the pandemic
Most executives had to buy additional hardware or software (or their businesses did), and most felt that adapting to working from home in the future would be easier.

Many Would Change Jobs For More Flexibility

Interestingly for business leaders, 72% of executives would consider changing roles to a different executive position if it offered more flexibility in terms of remote or hybrid working. Considering how hard it can be to recruit top-talent, and how important it is to keep them, businesses should take note of this fact.

Comment From Novo:

Jon Hollier, Founding Director, Novo Executive Search & Selection, states:

“Without doubt, UK industry had to respond decisively to the pandemic in order to remain effective and ensure continuity. The workforce and executives clearly responded to the situation and adapted working practices, relationship management and resources.

The outlook for UK industry is certainly positive and the growth in investment and trading opportunities has been gathering pace. “

About Novo Exec:

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