PMTA Deadline 2020: How US Vape Shops Will Survive!

As a vaping enthusiast, you might not have to deal with this regulation, but many vapers have just heard the name of the PMTA regulation. It doesn’t matter if you run a vape-centered business or if you are just curious about what PMTA really is, this article will help you understand the impacts of this regulation on the vape industry.

Simply, PMTA is a regulation for tobacco manufacturing companies, which means that in order to survive in the market, businesses have to submit PMTA to the FDA before the deadline. For manufacturers, this can be a tough time, but if you consider other aspects of the changes this regulation can make, you will see that this deal also affects people who vape.

Are Brands Ready for the Deadline of PMTA?

The main problem with the regulation of vaping products in the US is that PMTA is a huge process for any small businesses to consider. This depends on the shop as to how much they can gather to meet the cost of the PMTA regulation. However, it is clear through many resources that the cost of PMTA will be more than $100,000. Every flavor, strength, the ratio of VG/PG, and the product has its own PMTA. This can be impossible for many vape juice manufacturers to pay as they have so many products and cannot arrange that much amount to pay. We can say that the time to order e-liquid for vape shops is over in the USA.

In order to get a product approved through PMTA, a vape juice manufacturer should prove the health benefit to the FDA. It is obvious that vape liquids will get approval through PMTA, but unfortunately, the FDA has never approved a vaping product yet. So we do not know what will be the future of the vaping industry in 2021. We can foresee that the future may not be as favorable as it was.

In 2016, when the FDA announced for the first time about vaping industry regulations, many manufacturers raised voices for small businesses as they could not gather this much money to submit to PMTA, even for a few products. Following this regulation for most businesses was impossible without taking help from large Tobacco companies.

How Are Vape Shops Handling The Deadline of PMTA?

Most owners of vape shops are not discussing how they will be handling the PMTA regulation deadline. As the deadline has changed a lot of times, owners do not believe that September will be the last one. For shop owners who think that this deadline is final, they are informing their customers that their favorite products will be unavailable soon.

So most of the vape shop owners are just waiting to see what is going to happen when the deadline arrives. The possibility is that many shop owners will sell the products without any concern about the restrictions until the FDA takes any action against them. However, many users will be confused in finding out which products are legal and which are not. This can decrease the PMTA regulation plans succeeding.

How Can Vape Shops Survive?

Right now, it seems like many big vaping companies will be able to submit PMTA before the deadline this month. If this happens, your local vaping stores will be able to sell you products of those companies only. The legal status of vaping products is not confirmed. This is why the revenue of most vape shops is on the line. Vape shops should also include dry herb, kratom, and CBD in their selling list as they need to expand their products to generate more income.


The reason behind PMTA guidelines for the vaping industry is to minimize the usage of vaping products for minors. However, this can lead to many consequences, and the industry may disappear. Many people think that if they dismantle the industry, their goal is achieved.

These actions can be unfavorable for people who are using vaping products to overcome their cigarette addiction. Many people predict that only companies that produce cigarettes along with vape products will survive because they are linked to a rich industry and have a long history. However, we cannot say for sure what the future of the vaping industry holds. For more information, click here.

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