The Dangers Of Using An Illegal Waste Management Provider

Finding a waste management company can be difficult if you’ve never dealt with a skip company, or have just never needed to hire a skip. For those that are also looking for commercial services, it can be difficult to gauge whether or not a skip hire companies service is right for your needs. There are so many different requirements that can come from domestic skip hire, let alone commercial skip hire. There is also the likely risk of using an unofficial, unlicensed & unregulated provider who can put you at risk of criminal charges/fines as they may end up fly-tipping your waste.

Using the wrong company can land you in hot water since companies that aren’t regulated don’t need to be held to the same standards as above-board companies need to be. Like any illegal practice, those who are running it won’t be taking any official measures to ensure a professional service is given. Fly tipping is seen as a huge problem for the UK, with the illegal process happening across the country. Statistically speaking, someone illegally disposes of waste every 35 seconds, creating a £600 million problem for the government & therefore the taxpayer.

In 2018, a Home Office study revealed that large criminal networks were operating country-wide illegal waste management services, running huge waste sites that were dotted around the UK. In 2017, the Environment Agency was shutting down two illegal waste sites each day, giving you an idea of the extent of this issue.

What does this mean for me?

You may be reading this and wondering what this means for you and your waste management, waste collection, waste disposal or skip hire service. The truth is, this affects commercial services much more than it does domestic, however it does still require some consideration from people looking for domestic skip hire.

If you’re looking at using a skip hire/waste management service, you have to do the initial research to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. Not only are illegal waste companies wasting taxpayer money, but they’re also not providing what they’re promising. For those that require commercial waste management or skip hire, you’ll most likely be met with a few collections which will soon fade out. Disturbances will come commonly and you won’t be met with a reputable & dependable service. Businesses rely on waste management services to keep running since most commercial entities require their waste to be disposed of. Whether it’s a chain of restaurants or an office block, waste can build up quickly if professional waste management isn’t arranged & managed. Using an illegal waste management company is inadvertently shooting yourself in the foot since it brings a world of potential problems later down the line.

Using a professional waste management provider:

When you work with an above board & regulated provider like REMONDIS, your waste collections are guaranteed to be taken care off professionally. You’ll know your waste is being dealt with compliantly, safely and with due environmental care. At REMONDIS, all of the waste we collect or receive is separated at one of our regional MRFs ensuring that we maintain an industry-leading recovery for recycling and diversion from landfill rate. We offer a wide range of services from waste management to Skip hire in Newcastle, Doncaster & Sunderland. It’s been a cornerstone of our company to be able to provide a level of service that is second to none. 

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