Bar Soap v Liquid Soap: What Should Be Your Choice?

The conversation about the preference of bar soaps and liquid soaps go way back, more than we can imagine. It started right after the liquid soap was launched in this world. However, the discussion found prominence in the late nineteenth century. Everyone loves hygiene and some even have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for cleanliness. You wash your hands for uncountable times a day and that is why we will explain today what type of soap is better for your skin, environment and how they vary in nature other than their forms. We will break down certain differences to educate you as easily as we can.


The fundamental purpose of soaps was to wash away all the bacteria and germs off our hands or even the entire body. It acts as a protectant and prevents viruses or germs from passing on to others. Many people are concerned that a bar soap that is placed openly is prone to attracting bacteria and is more polluted than the unwashed hands.

A study was conducted to find the basis of this claim. A number of volunteers were directed to wash their hands with a pre-treated soap bar that had around an e-coli level of 70 times. It was done so to analyze the bacteria level on the skin after using a soap bar. Conversely, it turned that notion into a misconception as no traceable hints of bacteria could be found on the washed hands. Hence, the bar soap was deemed safe and effective.

Similarly, the liquid soap was launched as an aseptic product in the market. Both liquid and solid soaps work effectively in fighting against the germs.


It has been observed that a liquefied soap leaves five times more carbon footprint than a regular soap block and even 20 times more carbon emission when putting it inside plastic packaging. It also reflects on the point that the packaging of liquid soap will take more time and energy, and the plastic waste is not even taken into account yet. That is why customized Kraft soap boxes packaging is recommended for an eco-friendly, deluxe-quality and affordable experience.

In contrast, the bar soaps are more environment-friendly as they have saponified fats – a mixture of plant oils or animal fats with a high alkali solution. Liquified soap also has petroleum that is not used in the bar soaps. It is a discussion for another time but grease can significantly affect the ecosystem.

If you want to play your part in saving the Earth, we would advise you to buy a soap that is produced from balanced, concentrated, harvested oils. An odd yet actual fact is that we can feel the amount of soap we need to clean our hands while using a soap bar, whereas we often dispense more liquid soap from the bottle that eventually leads to creating more plastic bottles as liquified products run out much faster. These are petty yet important factors no one bats an eye on. You can play your part by deciding the right product or manner in which you are using them.


Furthermore, it has also been observed that liquid soaps are considerably better in cleaning the hands and do not cause dryness on the skin because the bar soap has high pH levels. It is one of the reasons why people are choosing fluid cleansers because it also acts as a moisturizer to keep your hands hydrated.

On the other hand, bar soap manufacturers are trying to combat this issue by adding glycerin in the product, as glycerin helps explicitly in maintaining the moisture level on your skin. It also helps in eczema, irritant dermatitis, dryness and other skin sensitivities. But please be mindful of the glycerin in bar soaps. It must have been extracted from plant oils rather than animal fats.

People often add silk to their soaps to create a smooth feeling on the skin. There are also scent-free soaps for people with allergies. However, it is not easy to find a scent-free liquified soap, unlike bar ones. Scented soaps create a different sensation but they are for bathing products.

We cannot force you or choose for you as selecting a soap eventually comes down to personal preference. Still, we will share our choice with you. We prefer bar soaps because of the eco-friendly advantages it is providing. Lesser the carbon emission, cleaner the environment. We are big supporters of the green initiative.

You can also find other means to make your liquid soap eco-friendly. The packaging also matters so make sure you are using the right one to make your product look surreal. Do not be a clean freak and enjoy the antibacterial and healthy aspects of all soaps.