How to Choose the Best House Type for You?

It is entirely normal to be cautious when you have decided to buy a new home. After all, you are going to make a considerable investment, or sometimes you might be investing your entire life savings for buying a dream house. So, you want to be sure that you are making the best decision. But the main problem is how you will decide whether you have picked the right property. Many questions may bother you. What should be the best location for your house? Should you buy a ready house or start building one from scratch? What is the tiebreaker in case you like various places equally? Do you need to check on these small house plans or big ones?

Well, do not worry. We have all the tips to help you make the best decision while buying or building your house. There you go.

Types of Houses

First, it is imperative that you know beforehand what type of house will suit your family. If you have a small family, you definitely do not need to spend a lot of your savings on buying a big house. On the other hand, you will need a home big enough to accommodate your family if you have a big one. In addition to sizes, houses are divided into different categories depending upon their architecture and structure. 

Small Houses

There is a common misconception that only huge bungalows are comfortable and worth living in. Living in a home that is less than 250 to 500 square feet is not a bad idea if you do not have an extraordinarily big family. There are many house plans that will be of great help when you are trying to build the house of your dreams. These small house plans are  affordable, yet very cosy options and  there are plenty of good reasons why you should  choose to live in this type of housing. Some of the benefits that small housing offer are

  • It takes less time to clean your house.
  • Buying a small house or area for the house is less hard on your pocket.
  • Maintaining a small house is more economical and more manageable.
  • You do not need many frivolous items for decorating your house.
  • Compact spaces keep your loved ones closer to you.
  • Small homes are more environmentally friendly because of less energy consumption and less waste production.


It is a different type of home. It is one unit in a building or a separately built house, among many others, on a specific piece or tract of land. Condos can be a single unit, double units, or triple units, called duplex or triplex. The terms duplex and triplex refer to double or triple story condos.

Apartment Style Houses

These are the modern houses that most people prefer to buy because they are more economical and are considered to be safer to live in. Traditionally, apartments were owned by a single entity and were rented out to people. But now you can buy the apartments and become the owner. These houses are built in one building with multiple floors. Each floor mostly has a common number of homes.

Other Types of Houses

Some other types that you may need to select from are

  • Single-family detached houses
  • Co-op houses
  • Single story ranchers
  • Cottages
  • Movable houses
  • Villas, etc.

Other Factors to Consider While Choosing A House

Now that we have discussed in detail the most important factor that should be kept under consideration- the types of houses let’s move on to other important factors.

The Features You Have Always Dreamed Of

Yes, it is essential. You are not going to change your house frequently. Buying a house is a lifetime investment, and you have all the rights to look and go for a dream house. Look for a house that meets your needs as well as fulfills your wishes. How many rooms will your family need? Do you love waking up watching the sunrise through your bedside window? Ask all your family members for their wish list and then rank these features according to their importance. Most probably, you won’t be able to find a house with all the craved features. Still, you can get the best available options.

The Environment and Neighborhood

Remember that buying a new house at a new location means that you are going to become a part of a larger community. So, do not forget to have a visit to the neighborhood to check whether it suits your needs or not.