5+ Ways An App Can Bolster Sales For Your Business

It’s no secret that most people use a smartphone these days. The humble mobile phone has truly evolved into a device that offers portable computing power for people on the go. You can now download apps to your smartphone for just about anything.

Many businesses have caught onto the fact that smartphone apps can help increase sales and brand visibility. You’re likely reading this article because a business app interests you, but you’re unsure whether it’s right for your brand or not.

If you’re on the fence with whether to invest in a smartphone app for your company, take a look at these compelling reasons to convince you why it’s such a great idea:

1. 24/7 ordering

Arguably the main selling point of a smartphone app is how it allows consumers to order goods and services at any time. It makes no difference whether it’s a Monday morning or a Thursday evening; the app is always open for business.

There are two ways app developers can create smartphone apps with e-commerce capability. The first is to create a dedicated platform within the app. And the second is to display a mobile version of your website.

Either option will make it easy for consumers to buy things without opening up a browser window and going to your website. Your mobile store is instantly available for people with a simple tap of your app’s icon on their home screens.

2. Location-based services

Do you operate a business with two or more retail locations? If so, your customers will undoubtedly want a quick and easy way to visit a store nearest to their current location. Your firm’s smartphone app can offer customers easy access to location-based services.

For instance, your app can use their phone’s GPS to determine their nearest store and provide turn-by-turn directions to it. But did you know you can provide other location-based services too?

One example is offering ‘click and collect’ services. Your customers can order through your app and ask to collect their orders from their nearest store.

3. Strengthened customer loyalty

If you sell things that customers will typically buy several times a year, a dedicated smartphone app for your business will boost customer loyalty. You can create an app that allows customers to earn points and get rewards when they spend up to specific amounts.

You could even offer rewards by telling customers to track when they “check-in” to your stores using Facebook. There are many other ways that a dedicated smartphone app can strengthen customer loyalty to your brand.

4. Express store checkout

It’s a well-known fact that many people hate queuing at store checkouts – especially when there are long queues of people waiting to pay. What if there was a way you could skip those queues and walk out the door without needing service from a checkout clerk?

A business smartphone app can make life easier for your customers by offering an express store checkout feature. It’s something already adopted by many companies, Apple being a well-known example.

Customers can use the app to scan barcodes on the products they want and pay for their items using a digital payment method. For added security, you can have them scan an ‘exit’ barcode in an express checkout lane to confirm their payment.

Alternatively, customers can scan their products using the app and then pay for their goods at an express checkout payment terminal.

5. Price comparison

There’s no denying that the cost of goods and services will heavily influence a consumer’s buying decisions. Did you know that you can use fact to your advantage by offering a price comparison facility on your company’s smartphone app?

Consumers can then easily see how your prices compare to competing stores or brands. You may even wish to offer a price-match promotion, especially for high-ticket items like electronic goods.

The price comparison facility can also connect to your website daily and locally store price information on the customer’s smartphone for offline comparisons if required.

6. In-store assistance

Do you operate large stores with several aisles of products? If so, your staff will likely get asked product queries daily, such as stock locations or availability. Your smartphone app can offer so much more than online ordering or express checkout services.

Did you know your app can offer customers in-store assistance? For example, using GPS and WiFi technology, it can direct consumers to the correct aisles for products and show them where they are on the shelves.

You can even have the app do a live stock-check so customers can find out if the products they need are available for purchase but perhaps haven’t yet been stocked from in-store storage locations.

7. Augmented reality

Brands such as IKEA have augmented reality apps that show customers how certain furniture products could look in their homes. Your brand’s smartphone app can offer augmented reality on supported devices to achieve the same goals!

The great thing about augmented reality is that it’s easy for anyone with a smartphone to use. All consumers must do is select their product of interest, tap a button, and overlay that item in a room or location of their choice.

Augmented reality is another smartphone app feature available for customers to use 24/7 and significantly increases sales conversions for brands.

8. Enhanced customer insight

You want to ensure that your brand sells the right products and services to meet your target audience’s demands. But how can you determine the buying habits of those consumers? Sure, you can use historical sales data – except that doesn’t work when they don’t buy stuff!

A dedicated app can help you learn more about the things that interest your customers the most – even if they haven’t yet bought anything from you.

That’s because you can gain insight into the products they look at most, how long they browse, and what options they select in the app. It’ll give you plenty of leverage over your competitors and ensure you remain a market leader.