From RPA to Ethical AI- A Comprehensive List of All the AI Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2021

From RPA to Ethical AI- A Comprehensive List of All the AI Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2021

2020 is drawing to a close, and all we can think about is how we spent an entire year inside our homes praying for a vaccine to be invented. And while a vaccine is to be administered in a few days, the damage done by the pandemic has left the global economy weak and led to a sharp decline in the GDP of several nations. It shall still be a long while till countries can finally pick the pieces together and become whole all over again. However, amidst all that was bleak and hopeless in 2020, the advancements in the technological domain have been quite a marvel.

That said, in the article that we have curated today, we shall discuss some of the trends in Artificial Intelligence that we need to keep an eye out for in 2021. 2020 has been an excellent year for technology, and if the analyses by experts are to be believed, 2021 shall see a new dawn in the sphere, especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

While COVID-19 has sabotaged industries across several verticals, it could not reduce AI’s impact on our lives. AI has changed our lives and the ways in which we conduct our businesses. There are still several other ways in which AI shall further change our lives. Therefore, without any further ado, let us move further through the article to explore the expected trends in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

The first trend that we have up for discussion is an evolving technological practice known as Robotic Process Automation or RPA. Businesses, with the help of RPA, can reduce costs and streamline different processes. Robotic Process Automation is helping businesses to automate and go about intricate business tasks. This has, therefore, allowed the businesses to devote their time to other aspects like serving clients.

It is expected that RPA shall be adopted by more businesses in 2021 and help bring in glitch-free automation in business processes. The unique solutions furnished by RPA ranges from replying to email quickly to deploying bots to automate tasks.

AI in Healthcare:

The second trend that we shall pay attention to is the use of AI in the healthcare sector. 2020 saw the incredible usage of Big Data in the healthcare industry to identify patients afflicted with the virus. AI has always helped in the accurate diagnoses of health issues, and this trend shall keep ruling throughout 2021 as well. It has been reported that researchers have come up with thermal cameras and various mobile applications that aid in monitoring individual temperatures.

These technological marvels also help in the collection of crucial data for use in the healthcare systems.

In 2021, the healthcare sector shall better use AI to look into health conditions and recommend steps to prevent the spread of various diseases. AI shall also be used in medical facilities by doctors to track their patients’ progress and help in teleconsultation and remote health care.

AI for Cybersecurity:

The third and perhaps one of the most important trends that we ought to watch out for in 2021 is AI’s use in providing cybersecurity. It is predicted that data shall become more accessible in the upcoming years, and hackers might easily be able to penetrate systems to steal sensitive information.

This shall result in knowledge breach and might bring down entire organizations. Gaming and gambling websites like, have already started resorting to AI to secure their systems.

This trend shall stay strong in 2021 and more businesses, online and offline, shall resort to AI to secure their data and keep hackers at bay. In the future, AI shall help bring down the rates of cybercrimes and improve cybersecurity measures.

Increasing Demand for Ethical AI:

The final trend that we shall discuss in the article is that of ethical AI and its demand in the next decade. Apparently, ethical AI is one of the topmost emerging developments in technology. Ethical use of AI in businesses shall be a priority in the technological sphere in the next decade.

CIOs shall have to respond to and handle the uncertainties in businesses with the ethical usage of Artificial Intelligence. It is also expected that, over the next few years, companies shall look to do business with the ones who follow the norms of data ethics.

In a Nutshell:

These rapid advancements in the domain of Artificial Intelligence have a lot to bring to the table in 2021, and it is only a matter of time until they start showing their true potential. AI has a broad spectrum, and there is still a lot more that can be done. As the days bleed into months and years, AI’s potential shall be explored in all its glory, and we shall come across more innovations, that would change our lives for the better.