Everything You Need to Know About Spectrum Internet

Charter is the company behind Spectrum that serves over 33% of internet customers in the United States. Spectrum services are offered in 41 states. There are usually no contracts that you have to sign when you have services installed in your home, which means that you can cancel the services any time that you want. There are no termination fees when you cancel services through Spectrum, and you can get your money back if you decide that you don’t want services within the first 30 days of installation.

The first detail to consider when choosing Spectrum internet is your internet speed. For most people in areas where Spectrum is offered, speeds are about 200 megabits. Other speeds available are 400 or 940 Mbps. You’ll usually be connected with 200 Mbps when you first sign up for services, but it’s easy to upgrade your speed anytime that you want if you see that this isn’t fast enough for the tasks that are performed in your home.

The type of connection that Spectrum uses is fiber-optic cables. This is at the top of the ladder regarding the types of connections that are available. Fiber-optic cable tends to be faster and more reliable than dial-up services or satellite. There are usually fewer disruptions with the cable, and the connection tends to stay in place during severe weather instead of cutting in and out. There is a large number of customers eligible for fiber-optic internet with many customers who utilize this service located in the eastern half of the United States.

You can find Spectrum in 41 states and in most areas of these states. Most customers are satisfied with the services that are provided by Spectrum and enjoy the low prices of services that are offered. Spectrum has been ranked above Time Warner and other internet services in recent years and continues to climb up the ranking ladder over time.

Monthly Fees
There are no caps on the amount of data that you can use when you choose Spectrum. There are also no fees associated with the services that are provided. When you sign up with Spectrum, a free modem is included. If you want more for your home or if you want to upgrade the modem, then you might have to pay an additional fee. If you don’t make your monthly payment on time, then you could see an additional fee on the bill that you receive. If you use your own router or modem, then you won’t have to pay the equipment fees. However, support services usually aren’t offered if you use your own equipment. There is an installation kit that’s easy to navigate instead of someone entering your home to connect your service.

While other companies might have a cap on the data that you’re allowed to use each month, Spectrum wants customers to be able to use the internet anytime that they need it in their home. This is beneficial as you won’t need to try to calculate how much internet data you’re using each month for research, gaming, or interacting with other people online. There are several hotspots available that customers can access for free if they aren’t near a connection at home. All you have to do is enter the username and password associated with your account to access this service.