Top 5 Fitness Trackers Today

Thinking about ending your couch potato ways (or you’ve run out of all the TV shows and movies to watch), but need a little extra incentive to get you up and active every day? If this sounds like you, a fitness tracker can give you that motivation you’ve been looking for.

Fitness trackers track your activities for the day (as long as it’s on) and give you your basic health statistics all in one place. You can do things like track your activities, food intake, water intake, weight, menstrual cycle, heart rate, sleep cycles and more. Some trackers also give you little incentives like vibrating to remind you to get up and badges for completing activities. Others have GPS capabilities that help you map your runs and are water resistant for swimming laps, and all should be able to quickly connect to your internet services Wi-Fi. Whether you’re just looking to get active or are serious about your gains, a fitness tracker can help you out.

With so many fitness trackers on the market today at wildly varying prices, it can be hard to know where to start even if you’ve had a fitness tracker before. To help you find the right fitness tracker for you, we’ve rounded up the top five fitness trackers available today. So find your perfect tracker, get off the couch and restart that New Year’s resolution right now.

  1. Fitbit Charge 4

Price: $149.95

Compatibility: Android & iOS

Battery life: 7 days

The Fitbit Charge 4 is ranked first on our list for their well rounded features like an on-board GPS to track your runs, FitBit Pay for contactless payments, and Spotify controls when you bring your phone with you. We especially like the Fitbit for their motivating reminders to get moving every hour when you’re lacking on your step goal and their badges for positive reinforcement. Don’t worry, you can adjust these notifications to your sleep schedule or less frequently if the pressure to move is too much.

  1. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Price: $129.99

Compatibility: Android & iOS

Battery life: 7 days

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is ranked second on our list for their stylish design that is slim, gender neutral and that the device is safe for swimming and showering. Some of it’s extra features outside of fitness tracking are sleep monitoring, blood oxygen saturation level monitoring, stress tracking, call and text message notifications and more. If you like the Garmin fitness trackers, but would like something less intense than their devices made for serious athletes, the Garmin Vivosmart 4 could be for you. Garmin makes tracking easy and affordable. You don’t need to use all of the features it has, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you do.

  1. Amazon Halo

Price: $99.99

Compatibility: Android & iOS

Battery life: 7 days

The Amazon Halo is ranked third on our list for their low cost and surprising low key design that it has. One of the things we like the most about the Amazon Halo is it’s app where you can do body fat percentage scans from home using their AI. Although their monthly service for $3.99 unlocks health metrics that other fitness trackers give for free, there’s a ton of third party add ons that help you improve your overall health and wellness. Unfortunately for virtual assistant users, Alexa is not installed on their trackers.

  1. Apple Watch Series 6

Price: $399

Compatibility: iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14 or later

Battery life: 18 hours

The Apple Watch Series 6 is ranked fourth on our list because it’s the ultimate smartwatch for iPhone users that really takes fitness to the next level. With that said, it’s not compatible with Android and may be way too much tech for you if you’re just looking for something that simply tracks your activities and health casually. Apple also released a new service called Apple Fitness+ with all sorts of workout videos from beginners to advanced. With the Apple Watch Series 6 it also receives phone calls, text messages, listen to music, podcasts and more.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Price: $59.99

Compatibility: Android & iOS

Battery life: 15 days

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is ranked fifth on our list for their entry level pricing and super long battery life compared to their competitors. This activity tracker, like many of the other trackers on the market, allows you to track more than just your fitness activities. You can also monitor your sleep patterns, water intake, get call and text notifications with quick replies and more. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, but don’t want to drop major cash on it, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 might be for you.