5 States With The Fastest And Slowest Internet

If you’re thinking about moving to another state, then you might want to consider the internet speeds that are offered. Here are a few states that have the fastest speeds and a few that have slower speeds so that you can make the best decision for your business or your family.

Fastest Internet

New Jersey
You’ll discover that about 98% of the population in New Jersey has access to high-speed internet. The average speed for internet service is 174 Mbps, which tends to be significantly higher than other states along the eastern seaboard. Several businesses rely on the fast speeds that are available, which is one of the reasons why companies work to stay on top of the latest connections possible.

New York
This is another state that offers fast internet services for over 95% of customers. The speed test for many businesses and homes is about 190 Mbps. Keep in mind that there are larger businesses that need access to faster internet in New York, which is one reason why services are a bit higher.

Circling back to the northeast, Maryland offers internet speeds of 196 Mbps for most customers. About 95% of the state has access to the internet. However, some of the cities and towns that aren’t located near the busier areas of the state could have slower speeds.

Rhode Island
Although the state is small, Rhode Island offers internet services to roughly 96% of its residents. Speeds in the state are closer to 160 Mbps. These are typically fast enough for customers as there are more residential areas compared to businesses. Families can enjoy their TV streaming and online games with no lag.

Taking a trip to the southern area of the country, Florida boasts internet speeds of an estimated 167 Mbps. Over 90% of residents have access to internet services. During spring break and other busy weeks in coastal cities, you might find that internet speeds are slower.

Slowest Internet

One of the slowest states in the country when it comes to internet speed is Montana. You’ll find that average speeds are 54 Mbps. The terrain in the state plays a role in the speed as well as the number of people who live in the state as there are fewer customers who rely on services.

West Virginia
The internet speed for West Virginia is about 55 Mbps. There are a few factors that play into the slower speeds including mountains that sometimes block signals and a lack of ways to install towers for more connections.

If you plan to move to Idaho, you’ll find that the average internet speed is 55 Mbps. Similar to other states in this area of the country, there are fewer people who rely on internet service. Large fields and mountainous areas tend to make it difficult to obtain internet connections as well.

Even though Alaska isn’t attached to the continental United States, internet service is still offered to residents. However, speeds are about 61 Mbps. Snow-covered grounds and a lack of ways to reach some residents could account for the slower speeds. However, they are higher than states that are in the continental United States, which is something to keep in mind.

Sticking out on the east coast is Maine. While there are several people who enjoy the beauty that the state offers, they don’t enjoy the internet speeds of 56 Mbps that are offered.