The Key to Harnessing Your Inner Motivation for Business Success Can be Discovered by Asking Why

The key to personal and business success in 2021 was revealed during a Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup presentation by marketing strategist Theodore Bigby, as being the answer to one simple question; ‘why?’

Theodore was invited to present his insight into ‘Harnessing Your Inner Motivation for Business Success’ at the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup’s 98th event. Theodore demonstrated how understanding ones own inner motivation using the question ‘why?’ can be applied to business identity and new customer acquisition.

Using real world examples, Theodore shone a spotlight on the need for companies to have a strong sense of their own ‘why?’ to boost growth through developing a healthy company culture and strong brand affinity with potential customers.

‘If you notice your company has reached a plateau, learning to feel comfortable with asking the question ‘why?’ and answering that question will help you continue growing. Finding the answer to ‘why?’ is the first step in attracting and keeping your ideal customers’, said Bigby.

Through marketing agency More Than Venice, Theodore Bigby has now launched two online training services for organisations on a path of growth or re-discovery in 2021. Based on the understanding and application of the question ‘why?’, leadership teams can now benefit from sessions:

  1. Helping your customers understand why they should choose you not the competition
  2. Building a meaningful company culture based on ‘why?’

Theodore Bigby is a strategic marketing consultant and More Than Venice is his marketing agency based in Birmingham that helps companies to develop growth strategies that use their website as the focal point for growth.

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