Rise of The Workers Union Shows Unionism is Not Dead

COVENTRY, UK, January 2021 – The Workers Union issued a statement this week detailing the organization’s phenomenal rise and plans for the future to support a growing unhappy British workforce.

In a brief analysis, chief spokesman Johnathan Morgan outlined why he believes the organisation has attracted so many disaffected members of traditional unions.

Mr Morgan said: ‘To understand our journey is to understand the landscape of modern society.  People come to us because we don’t rely on 20th century ideas of unionism. And it’s working, unionism isn’t dead. Each day, more and more workers are joining the many thousands already in our ranks. If you ask me why, I can tell you in one sentence: our values our clear and we’re very focused in what we offer. There’s no placard-waving politics or tone-deaf union reps here. Everything we do is designed to get help, advice and guidance to our members 24/7, 365, regardless of who they are and where they work.’

He went on to lambast the current state of employee relations.

‘There seems to be this view – particularly in the west – that it always has to be a “them against us” mentality. Well, this might play well at branch meetings, but it’s not going to get results in the long-term. We feel that time and energy is far better invested in bringing people together to broker positive solutions. That’s exactly how we approach problems and the results we’ve secured for our members support that commitment.

The Future of Unionism

Mr Morgan also suggested that non-traditional unions were part of a gradual, though increasing, move away from organisations with swollen hierarchies and overtly political agendas.

‘If you look at what’s happened in the USA with Google, you’ll see that fast-moving, responsive outfits are changing the game completely. We expect to see more of this in the coming years, as people switch to tech-savvy on-demand alternatives such as ourselves. For our part, we’re already ahead of the curve in the way that we use technology to connect with members. All our members always have direct contact by using what they have in their hand, a mobile phone. As we move further into 2021, we’ll be adding new innovations and building on our existing reputation for excellence.’

The Workers Union – fighting for you, fighting for social justice.

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