How to make your guests feel more welcome in your home

Every home has its own inimitable style and there are certainly cases where you instantly feel more welcome at certain houses. This is a general feeling that encompasses you, as opposed to a set number of physical items so it can be hard to determine exactly what makes a house more homely. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you plan your additions and make your guests feel instantly more welcome in your home:


This may seem like a difficult addition to add, but it is possible in more ways than one! Electric lighting is of course, important, and there are so many different ways you can include this. From dramatic overhead fittings which flood the room, to lamps with dimmers, uplighters and downlighters and even under cupboard lighting, you really can change the whole mood of the spaces in your home with the right lights. However, there can be no real contender for natural sunlight. Obviously, it’s not a case of turning up the sun, but you can get more into, and around your home. Consider your windows and their size if plausible, but also consider your doors. If you change them to internal glazed or glass doors for example, the natural light which comes in through your windows can be transmitted through the rooms and into hallways to make the whole house feel warmer and more welcoming.

Living things

We don’t recommend opening your home to all and sundry, but adding other living things can make your home seem much more friendly. This could be as simple as adding plants in, and maybe adding more than you would normally think to in a kind of outdoor-indoor way. Not only do plants look great, but they are also great for your overall wellbeing according to much research. Or it could be something more significant such as getting a pet. Of course, not everyone loves animals but something innocuous such as a fish tank can be intriguing and add a little to create a convivial atmosphere.

Soft furnishings

This may seem like a strange suggestion but the fact is, houses seem more welcoming when they are cosier and that can easily be achieved by adding a few extra bits of furniture into your rooms. Plush cushions in inviting colours will invite people to sit back relax. Throws will give a feeling of warmth to encourage guests to get comfy and stay. Thick and fluffy towels will mean even getting ready is a pleasurable experience when they stay. And of course, high quality, high thread count bedding will mean that they will want to go to bed and never leave! All these extras combine to ensure your guests will feel more than welcome in your home.

Having guests visit can be a true privilege and it can give a warm feeling when you know they feel thoroughly welcome and don’t want to leave. Making a few changes to your communal spaces, and the areas they will stay in can make a huge difference in how your guests feel when they visit.

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