You’re wondering about buying bitcoin for the very first time? You aren’t alone. In reality, it might seem like the sensible thing to do, considering its crazy market fluctuations and the increasing amount of people who are using Bitcoin as well as other virtual money for their daily transactions. But you can’t just plunge yourself into the booming business without doing full research, particularly on the obstacles you may encounter on your road ahead.

That being said, we’ve put together a list of 6 items you should hear about before you purchase bitcoin Although this post focuses primarily on Bitcoin, several of the above problems also relate to a broad variety of digital currencies available in the marketplace.


Alright. That’s one that you already heard. After its creation, Bitcoin has proved week after week that this is a very risky currency. Bitcoin values can switch quickly and unexpectedly, even in a very short period. The value of Bitcoin will spike high and drop sharply within a few days or hours. A prime example of this is what occurred in December 2017. The pioneering virtual money has hit a peak of more than $19,000, but within a week the price has fallen to less than $12,000. The price of Bitcoin is influenced by demand and supply. If more customer purchases the commodity, the value goes up, and as more companies or individuals sell, the price will come down.


Bitcoin is probably the most open payment method in the world, primarily because of its fundamental distributed database system, blockchain. All purchases on the system are public, discoverable, and openly stored on the Bitcoin database. Any time you buy and sell bitcoins, the details are up-to-date and transmitted for all to see.

Even so, you do not need to risk losing your details, such as your address and phone number. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet account to collect and store BTC. One of the greatest benefits of Bitcoin is the potential to transfer peer-to-peer across the globe quickly and at a relatively low cost. Unlike standard paper money, Bitcoin does not involve a third party to resolve payments. Rather, you just have to pay for the blockchain charge—a minimal fee that covers the power expense of the blockchain purchase.


The uniqueness of Bitcoin is that it’s for everybody. If you’re dreaming about bitcoin as an asset, you wouldn’t need to become an authorized shareholder to get it. Unlike the marketing practices exclusive for the wealthy, its open nature makes it readily available to everyone. Not only can you buy Bitcoin, but you can also engage in its development through a method called mining. While mining has become an activity for those supported by vast capital deposits, people may also enter the Bitcoin mining pools and make small returns.


Contrarily to common opinion, Bitcoin is not anonymous and an initiative on your part is needed to protect your identity. Bitcoin payments are indefinitely registered in the public ledger, which ensures that everyone can access the recent transactions and records. Although your identity cannot be used to describe who you are in the database, government departments have the resources to connect addresses to your name. Many who still worry about their security prefer to use so-called security coins, such as Monero and Zcash.


Alright. We’re not aiming to be precise since each country has a unique set of laws on the subject. It’s more probable, though, that Bitcoin is somewhere taxable in your nation. If you’re in the United States, you’re going to end up paying for your gains from Bitcoin. Optionally, you may like to make a bitcoin donation. You ought to be cautious about how the government or jurisdiction handles Bitcoin when it comes to taxes.

Many countries deem the money you receive from buying and selling Bitcoin to be capital gains and compel you to report your earnings for tax purposes. It’s the same when you suffer losses and you will pay fewer taxes.


A lot of people keep talking of bitcoin as an asset. Yet this virtual money may also act as a means of payment. That’s correct, like the pound. It is being used to pay for products and resources in the same manner as you use fiat currency. These days, mobile bitcoin wallets make it simple for you to pay with Bitcoin or every other cryptocurrency using QR codes or to submit through phone features. Besides, the emergence of cryptocurrency card payments has rendered it feasible for hundreds of owners to use digital currencies on the go, including on physical shops that do not embrace bitcoin.


So, these were the few things you should know before purchasing your very first bitcoin. Buying or not buying, that’s completely up to you. But before you press on the “buy” button, just make sure that you’re doing so on a secure, trustworthy platform. Indeed, the world of cryptocurrencies is full of fraudsters, and you must be alert when it comes to entering your visa debit card, or banking information. If you are looking for a reliable bitcoin trading platform, click here.

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